GameStop: SNES Classic demand was greater than NES Classic, sold out in 8 minutes

Pre-orders for the Super NES Classic Edition went live at various retailers last week, including GameStop. After going up on the retailer’s site, it sold out just a few minutes later. GameStop senior merchandising director Eric Bright told Forbes that it just took eight minutes for the Super Classic Edition to sell out.

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Nodoze322d ago

Nintendo's response....Meh.

322d ago
CrimsonWing69322d ago

So that's why you did the "I'll rip you off because I don't care about you customer" bundles?

strayanalog322d ago

Well, duh. NES had 10 units made, SNES had 13, so the inevitable N64 classic will have 16 max. Either way, the classic craziness will end soon and Nintendo will finally give us the Virtual Console.

iofhua321d ago

100% true.

And they're doing this on purpose. Nintendo doesn't care about keeping customers happy, they care about the fantastic headlines about their newest thing selling out each and every single time.

opinionated322d ago

I signed up for Best Buy notification and they didn't even have time to send them out. That's just ignorant imo. Nintendo gets nothing out their artificial rarity model of business. Ok your product is more valuable on eBay. Your product is a collectible. How does that benefit Nintendo more than actually supplying demand and making money? It makes no sense whatsoever lol. It's almost like they enjoy pissing people off, it's the same with the switch.

slate91321d ago

It actually gets game media, forum posts, news media coverage, etc for nintendo and their franchises. It gets them global spotlight. They arent looking to make a profit off of these flimsy little machines lol. Thats very short sighted. They are stirring up the crazy in the masses over nintendo products. Its actually pretty genius.

opinionated321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

How is making profit of your products short sighted though? What is the long term goal in selling limited collectibles? Okay, you stirred up the crazy in scalpers. What now? What's the long con? Have an expensive eBay collectible? If that's the goal then well done I guess lol. Have fun not making a profit on your products to generate hype with no purpose.

81BX321d ago

Same here. Didn't get an e mail.

MetroidFREAK21322d ago

Well I mean the SNES has the better library of games. I was lucky enough to get a preorder :) Anyone else?

PurpHerbison321d ago

Went with a Raspberry Pi instead. Full NES and SNES library already loaded.

MetroidFREAK21321d ago

To each their own I suppose :)

PurpHerbison321d ago

Indeed, indeed. I hope you can hack your SNES mini and load more roms on it! Juice that thing for everything its worth.

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