The Half-Life Debacle is Tearing the Internet Apart

Marc Laidlaw’s latest blog post hinted that a new Half-Life game may never see the light of day. With that, a wildfire was set ablaze. Are fans venting their frustration in a productive manner?

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opinionated104d ago

Lmao! It's hard enough to believe that one person thought half life 3 was coming let alone enough of them to tear the internet apart.

JackBNimble104d ago

I thought we all got over half life 3 along time ago, I don't get why anyone would still be hopefull .

Trekster_Gamer104d ago

Agreed! I gave up on this many years ago.
It was always so popular, lost opportunity.

Robovox104d ago

You can thank Marc Laidlaw for getting people's nose hairs in an uproar.

Fist4achin104d ago

I was cautiously optimistic, now I guess I will be cautiously pessimistic about it.

bennissimo104d ago

Microsoft should buy the franchise from Valve.

Araragifeels 104d ago

What about no. Microsoft might ruin the franchise and milk it to death until it start to lose popularity *cough*Halo 5*cough**cough*Gears 4*cough**cough*Didn't sell that well as previous installment*cough*

Gaming4Life1981104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Halo is one of the best fps franchises ever and so is gears as a 3rd person shooter franchise so your reaching with the hate. You talk about sales and the sales of games, movies, music etc usually decline with sequels. The facts are that people love halo and gears and they still sell more than most games.

thatguyhayat104d ago

Yeah erm nooo. Look what theyve done to halo gears of war and forza. Theyve been milked to the point theyre spitting out powder... give it to talented developers

Zeref104d ago

Halo 5 is awesome tho?

Zeref104d ago

I bet 343 could make a great Half Life 3

104d ago
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onepeg104d ago

Seeing as my Reddit subs are blowing up for both sides of this, yeah I'd say it's making a pretty big splash in the community.

PhoenixUp104d ago

Now you're completely exaggerating

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