Sony Tokyo Game Show Press Conference's English Livestream Revealed

Earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it will host its traditional press conference just before Tokyo Game Show, but if you fancy actually understanding what is said, fear not, because there will be a livestream in English.

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Relientk77476d ago

Awesome, will watch the conference

Abriael476d ago

I will be in the audience, waving :D

FarEastOrient476d ago

I wish I was able to go, North Korea forced a change of plans 😣! The things we do for the g-man.

Unlimax476d ago

If you had a chance to talk with SE devs there .. PLEASE ask them if Parasite Eve is on development and show them enough interest by asking them more questions about the game and the future of Aya Brea character

bouzebbal475d ago

wow i completly forgot this conference!!! my most important time of the year!
bring it on japan

jeremyj2913475d ago

I'm infinitely jealous of you. Hope you have a great time!

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thatguyhayat476d ago

Legend of dragoon please or white knight chronicles 3 or maybe just maybe... any new dormant ips that need to see light again

AspiringProGenji476d ago

TGS, PGW, and the. PSX

Gotta love Sony

MegamanXXX476d ago

I thought that game was canceled

WeAreLegion476d ago

Not yet. No official word from Capcom.

thejigisup475d ago

I kept thinking so too, several times. They keep renewing the trademark and if im not mistaken, the last time they renewed which was in february was the last chance they had to do something with the trademark. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some giant announcements.

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The story is too old to be commented.