Nintendo's Miiverse Service Officially Shuts Down on November 8

Nintendo announced today that its Miiverse service, the company’s social network only available on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, will be discontinued on Nov. 8.

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FallenAngel1984353d ago

Now Wii U users can feel the pain PlayStation Home users felt when it was shut down

Kramerica13353d ago

I always thought the Miiverse was really stupid and made the Wii U menu really absurdly difficult to navigate.

Tankbusta40353d ago


So triggered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EddieNX 353d ago

Saddens me because I use my Facebook to post drunk pics of myself not all of my nerdy Nintendo posts.... I'd rather they kept miiverse

gbsrnctaln353d ago

Good. Everything "ii" must die.

superchiller352d ago

Yep, including the Swiitch, a portable Wii.