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Soulst0rmer357d ago

Castlevania Lacarde Chronicles 2 just released on PC in May 2017 and is an incredible MetroidVania CV game. 10/10!!!

New_Age_Retro_Hippie354d ago

Is that a Metroidvania? Just from the name I'm almost inclined to think Classivania, haha.

Blastoise356d ago

That's not a Castlevania game...

Wotbot356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Ori by far, the best most recent example of this type of side scrolling adventure game, I would love to see them make a Castlevania game, it would be amazing

New_Age_Retro_Hippie356d ago

Honestly, I think Konami would do well to hand the reigns to an indie dev like Sega did.

Soulst0rmer353d ago

Please download and play CASTLEVANIA LACARDE CHRONICLES 2! It's Konami approved, features SOTN voice actors MetroidVania CV classic, awesome graphics and sound. A truly amazing fan made indie CASTLEVANIA .

Yohshida356d ago

Not your standard ones, I like this list.

Kabukiface356d ago

Aria of Sorrow is lit. I mean just look at that spooky skeleton.

Lauriellen354d ago

Cool thoughtful list, ya hippie. It's clear you're really into games when your picks aren't all the most popular ones but are the ones that best fit the parameters of the list.