Until Dawn $20 Well Spent - Kitsuga

The gameplay of Until Dawn is somewhat of a walking simulator with chances to interact with and find things all while making simple decisions that could affect the story later on. The game heavily relies on the “butterfly effect” which one of the characters explains early in the game. Not necessarily the mechanic but the effect itself which I will leave unsaid as it is a part of the story.

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PhoenixUp240d ago

You spent $20 on it while I got it free on PS+

ifrit_caress238d ago

If you think about it, the "free" monthly games on PS+ are not exactly free.

OffRoadKing238d ago

This again. If you think about it, I got to play it for free regardless of rather I cancel my subscription or not.

TotallyOriginalName238d ago

It was a lot of fun to get the platinum, as you had to see all the different outcomes. Great game.

OffRoadKing238d ago

That platinum had me putting in work but it was worth it, its a cool and creepy game.

sampson3121238d ago

I bought it for Halloween the year it released for full price and can say it was worth the price. I wish for a proper sequel or at least another story that plays similar.