Assassin’s Creed: Origins – New Screenshots Shows How Amazing it Looks in 4K

Ubisoft give us some new 4K AnvilNext Engine powered screenshots from Assassin’s Creed Origins showcasing gameplay mechanics, the main protagonist, some environments… and Cleopatra

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OffRoadKing178d ago

Still seeing a few jaggie edges but its minor, no big deal, overall that checkerboard 4K rendering looks nice.

Bigpappy178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Are these shots from the Pro version? If so the checkerboard looks really good.

The Scorpio version uses Dynamic rendering(no checkerboard) and runs at native 4K most of the time per UBI.

OffRoadKing178d ago

Both are checkerboard.

"Both versions will be using dynamic resolution scaling to maintain a stable framerate"

Atticus_finch177d ago

Bigpappy Spoiler alert the pro and x version will booth look good if not the same but some people will pay $100 more.

philemond2010177d ago

Correction it's not checkerboarding its dynamic but confirmed to run native 4k at all time on the x n rarely go below 4k ...nice try though 😁

OffRoadKing176d ago

Whats a nice try? You literally didn't discredit anything I said, LOL! smh. You seem upset about something.

MegamanXXX177d ago

PC version all the way!!!!!!!

177d ago
brokasfawk177d ago

I can't wait
I preordered last night for my X1 and also preordered Destiny 2

DaNineTwo177d ago

I pre ordered AC & Forza 7. Might pre order Battlefront 2 as well. Q4 is gonna be busy lol

brokasfawk177d ago

It will be nuts for the month of October
I also have South Park preordered as well

SenorFartCushion177d ago

Every screen most people own are 1080p or less. You cannot see the 4K in these images.

nativegoku177d ago

I'm using an xps 15 9560 4k i7 and have an s8 for mobile and this 4k content is a godsend

SenorFartCushion177d ago

I'm on a mn LG G5 and can't see shit, even in 2k

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