Interview: Halo: Retribution Author Troy Denning Talks About His Epic New Novel

From GameCrate: In this exclusive Q&A, writer Troy Denning, author of the Halo novel "Halo: Last Light," discusses its sequel, "Halo: Retribution."

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meka2611471d ago

I'll never get the half shaved head look that girls wear nowadays, just looks like they couldn't make a decision on shaved or long.

Dlacy13g471d ago

To be fair I say the same thing about all the guys rockin the same hair cut.

On topic: I am a huge fan of the Halo Novels, may need to give Last Light a reading via audible to see if this is worth checking out.

franwex471d ago

I know someone who is a huge fan of these novels. Never read one myself, but I suppose they must be good.