Five Games That Should Go Back to their Roots

Upcoming and recent games such as Sonic Mania and Metroid: Samus Returns inhibit some nostalgia...sometimes a big change works out, but other times it turns into an absolute dud...We are hopeful the two aforementioned titles will have old school fans excited and exceed their expectations. Below is a listing of some games that have sort of steered away from what they originally were and should head back in that direction. It doesn’t mean the ones we listed are doing poorly but it could be interesting to see them in the older format.

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kalkano326d ago

So, is this whole article about games going backwards graphically...?

As far as series' that actually need to return to their roots in terms of what makes them what they are (gameplay): Final Fantasy and Shining Force.

-Foxtrot326d ago

Resident Evil definitely needs to get back to what made it great. It can work, the RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares showed it's possible if they work on it.

Final Fantasy is another one...turn based is not that bad, it just needs to be faster paced and get players in/out of the battles quicker. Lost Odyssey showed modern turn based can work.

FallenAngel1984326d ago

Dragon Quest really shouldn't be on this list. It's one of the most traditionalist franchises in this industry

SegaGamer325d ago

It comes across that this person is against innovation.

PhoenixUp325d ago

When doesn't Dragon Quest go back to its roots

kalkano324d ago

Well, technically 10 was a big departure. But, other than that, yeah.

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