Forza Motorsport 7 Xbox One X Gamescom Demo Analysis

It took John and Rich around 2.5 hours to back-up the 800GB of game data they captured at Gamescom. Included in that archive is new 4K video of Forza Motorsport 7, including a look at racing at different times of day. Check it out.

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KionicWarlord222478d ago

Absolutely fantastic. Digital Foundry says that the Pc version was CLOSE to the Xbox One X version and it was hard to call visually.

Framerate kept a locked 60 FPS in ALL conditions.

Just saw this screenshot now wanted to share.

Turn 10 are racing gods.

Zero_Suit_Samus478d ago

Is that 100% in game screenshot? If so looks amazing.

Zero_Suit_Samus478d ago

Going by the video Digitial Foundry provided Forza 7 looks much better than GT Sport. Weather Effects, Native 4K, Locked 60fps, 700 Cars, and a real campaign.

Unspoken477d ago

Can't wait to see what the community screenshots are going to look like!!

4Sh0w477d ago

Well I'll be dammed, car porn is real.

darthv72477d ago

Nice to see the sonoma raceway represented in this demo video. I have been to that raceway and it is a solid track. Amazing detail they captured in this game.

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Obscure_Observer478d ago

Jesus, man! For what they saw, the Xbox One X version looks BETTER than the PC version! Clear image quality and a better anti-aliasing solution. O.o

MegamanXXX477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

One of the funniest comments I've seen on here 😁

343_Guilty_Spark477d ago

Just flag Mega troll and keep it moving.

Forza 7 is the best racer hands down

BenRC01477d ago

Theres no such thing as a "pc version". My wife's work laptop or my friends gaming rig? Or his rig last year? Or the one he wants to buy next year?
So boring.

MegamanXXX477d ago

It's call a gaming pc there I fix it for you 😁

sadsatan477d ago

hardly a demanding game hence 60 fps

KionicWarlord222477d ago

This game is running dynamic weather and dynamic lighting at 4K 60 fps without any hit to performance.

But your sitting here talking about its not a demanding game.

What racer is doing this on consoles?


Movefasta1993477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

not demanding,but then why,why does gt sport not run at 4k withdynamic lighting,dynamic weather,and over 700 cars?Last gen everybody bragged about gt having sooo many cars,but now the less the better right?And screw dynamic lighting and weather,even though gt5 and 6 had that.GT sport is a fail.

butchertroll477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

700 cars AREN'T on track. Btw. if you listened the video, dynamic TOD/weather won't be on all tracks.

Btw. GTS has more realistic look. better lighting, better car models than F7. To me, cars in F7 still looks plastic. And environment looks dull sometimes in F7.

I expect bunch of disagree votes. After all, this is Xbox video.

freshslicepizza477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

"Btw. GTS has more realistic look. better lighting, better car models than F7. To me, cars in F7 still looks plastic. And environment looks dull sometimes in F7.
I expect bunch of disagree votes. After all, this is Xbox video."

Polyphony has yet to make a rock solid 60fps engine, so there's that. They also won't be pushing effects (dynamic weather) as much as Forza 7 will in NATIVE 4K comparted to GT Sport which is checkerboard. Will GT Sport have 24 cars onscreen at once? Forza 7 is also a heck of a lot sharper and you can see jaggies on GT Sport. I will give credit to GT Sport for its lighting, it is amazing.

Forza 7 will also have a much deeper campaign mode, more cars, and more tracks.

butchertroll477d ago


You haven't played GTS beta, aren't ya. Although not dynamic, GTS will have rain, snow on tracks. You'll able to choose that. It was locked during beta.

trainsgofast477d ago

These are the same people that said that DC was better than Forza 5, said DC is 30fps do to dynamic weather, and all are wrong. At the end of the day XB1X is a powerhouse, some here can't get there head around the fact that Sony "F" them with PS4 pro.

sadsatan476d ago

Why does Destiny 2 run at 30fps? Powerhouse LOL

trainsgofast475d ago

"hardly a demanding game hence 60 fps "
Why is Forza 60fps?
Why is Gears 60fps ?
Why is Survival Evolved Run 60fps ?
Why is Path of Exile 60fps?
Why is Halo 5 60fps?
Why is F1 2017 ?
Why is Madden NFL 18 ?
World of Tanks ?
WW2 ?
So i ask you why is it that all of there games are and that one is not?

I know why so why don't you?

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SIMOIKIE477d ago

Game looks great! Cant wait....
My biggest reasons for xb1x preoroder.....
1. Forza horizon 3 --- 4k/30 owned and free update
2. Forza 7 ---- 4k/60 preordered
3. NBA 2k18 4k/60 preordered
4. Division 4k owned and free update
5. Wildlands 4k/30 owned and free update
6. Rocket league 4kowned and free update
7. Witcher 3 4k owned and free update
8. Gears 4 -- 4k/60mp ownd and free update
9. Ac origins 4k/30 preorderee
10. Tomb raider 4k owned and free
11. Minecraft 4k owned
12. PUBG 4k
Think there's enough games to last me awhile there and thats just ones ill have around launch beside pubg which might come little after if no delay. Either way in case ppl were have trouble figuring out why ppl are getting xb1x thats my reason n its more than enough for me. Those are just the games i play regularly to or there would be quite a few more.

jmetalhead77812477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Same here for the most part. Take out a few and replace a few for me personally, but it doesn't matter. The point is, XB1X is gunna have so god damn good looking games we're gunna be real busy for quite a while!!! Btw... congrats to Sony fans to reaching 6 games that have topped the U.K. Charts. Although I game on XB, I can certainly recognize the enormous amount of success for PS4, and for good reason. This is a great time to be a gamer! No matter the platform you chose, you have great options!!!

Great comment!

RommyReigns477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Stealth trollbaiting again? We all know your true face and how you invade PS articles hurling prepubescent insults at other innocent members just for having a viewpoint you don't agree with. The N4G mods of yesteryear would have got rid of you within a week of you 'joining' the site!

SIMOIKIE477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Agreed ps4 is an excellent console with top notch exclusives.... I personally prefer xbox bc my favorite games happen to be third party and a few console exclusives they have. I have played most ps4 exclusive games as well and love the quality and quantity.... I also respect microsoft approach moving away from exclusive realm a little even tho I know they still put exclusive on everything but its a trigger sale word so i get it. I'm more referring to them making all games on pc and being able to share between xbox and pc seamlessly and even get an extra copy some games free. That in my eyes is a plus toward gamer first decisions like cross play and game sharing. I never liked cod games much so the idea of my console spend ton of money just to make sure other gamers dont get it as soon is crazy to me n ms is gulity for sure so in the perfect world times exclusive would be gone forever bc they are bad for gamers... In and even more perfect world so ps and ms could get together and agree on not only cross play but being able to bring each other games to the others platforms because thats more gamers getting to see everything everyone has to offer and which console u have wether its a hype up 4k console base model or anything wont matter bc everyone will have the option to experience what they want and gamers will all be in the same ecosystem and free to choose whichever gateway they want to get there without feeling like they are missing out on experiences elsewhere.

jmetalhead77812477d ago


You apparently have me confused with someone else. I have been a total of ZERO PS articles. I may call trolls out, but have never had anything negative to say about the PS platform

SIMOIKIE472d ago

I'm not missing cuphead or shadow of war they are great games. They just aren't ones i plan to purchase so I left them off. That just my list of more than enough games that ill have when the console lauches. It wasn't a hype list for every game just my games and my personal reason.

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modelgod477d ago

Besides the Witcher and Ass Creed (hopeful), that's a lackluster list of games. AND I'm King Of xbox fanclub.

Condemnedman477d ago

Maybe to you but you are not everyone

ThinkThink477d ago

I know right!? He's missing Cuphead and Shadow of War. Nice list though.

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