Nintendo Switch OS Source Code Hints at Switch VR Support

The Nintendo Switch OS source code appears to contain code for partial Switch VR support. Does that mean Nintendo is cooking a surprise?

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Erik7357270d ago

It has better controls for it too compared to ps4 and xbox...

Then again the screen is not that sharp

Neonridr270d ago

I can't imagine that the current iteration would allow for VR. I figure we would see an upgraded center portion of the tablet with a higher resolution screen and beefier innards. I imagine the code is in there as a placeholder.

The 10th Rider269d ago

Exactly. Honestly I think the Switch's concept would be perfect for VR in the future. I mean, the console itself could slide into the headset akin to the way it works with phones, and it also already includes with two detachable motion controllers.

However even regular VR sets still have a ways to go. The Switch is a waaaaaaaays away from being able to pull VR off.

kneon269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

About as sharp as a spoon. It has 1/4 the resolution of a Samsung Galaxy s5, s6, s7 or s8. You have to go back to 2012 to the s3 to get such low resolution.

VR at that resolution would be complete crap, and the ginormous size and weight of the switch would make for an unwieldy headset.

Neonridr269d ago

well PSVR is only 1080p, so I wouldn't go that far, but yes 720p is not good enough for VR.

kneon269d ago

Even the PSVR has 2.3 times as many pixels as the switch.

The current commercially available VR headsets are barely good enough. The PSVR looks better than it should because of the kind of screen they use, but even the Rift and Vive need to improve.

I can see the pixels on all VR headsets, but to be fair you forget about it once you get into it. I have used a few prototypes that push things further than what is currently available and they look much better.

WeAreLegion269d ago

No, it doesn't. There's nothing to track them.

zivtheawesome270d ago

I remember Nintendo said that they are testing vr for the switch before it released. Probably just some leftover code

big_dom_strikes_back269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

How many times is this going to pop up on here and people believe it/

Look, I'd love it to be true, but here's the facts: the unit is far too big, too much weight, and more importantly, the screen resolution is far too low, and the system itself is far too underpowered to deliver anything even remotely viable for a VR experience.

Now that is that.

I think Nintendo with the design of the Switch, are onto something as far as the future of consoles and VR goes. Who knows, a second version of Switch complete with the option to play games in VR out of the box?

The 10th Rider269d ago

Honestly I think we're decades away from a Switch like console to be able to pull off good VR. (Then again, I'm of the opinion that regular VR still has a decade or two to go as well.)

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