Was the Sega Dreamcast doomed to fail from the start?

Some folk think that the Dreamcast failed due to shoddy marketing, and others think it was doomed from the start. What led to the downfall of this fantastic console?

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Apocalypse Shadow351d ago (Edited 351d ago )

Hard to say but it definitely leaned towards doom more than success.

Sega had some of the best franchises and some of the best developers in the business. At home or in the arcade.

The marketing was on point as I was a sales lead at the time at Electronics's Boutique. The games, the size of the console, the date of release were all great. The hype was there and people like Tony Hawk, Triple H,Coolio and Sheena Easton came into my store looking for it or supported it. And there was Soul Calibur.

But it was Sega's poor leadership and burning of bridges with developers and retail because of the Saturn,etc that sunk the console. With big developers like EA ignoring Sega for using Power VR and not a 3Dfx card that would give EA an advantage they were familiar with. That and competing sports games that put EA's sports games to shame.

As much as I love Sega games, they did it to themselves. But it's the best console they ever made after the Genesis. (Still have my Sega nomad, Sega Saturn and 2 Dreamcasts.)

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FallenAngel1984350d ago

The Dreamcast didn't use CD-Roms, it used GD-Roms. While GD-Roms weren't as big as DVDs, it was a significant upgrade over CDs.

Gamist2dot0349d ago

I've always liked Sega especially the arcade games up until they went software and went south with quality in games. What the hell happened?

InTheZoneAC349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

As a kid when this was announced it was OBVIOUS it was doomed before it released and i called it's death. Sad that millionaire executives couldn't see the obvious...

What's weird though is that the same people that bought into the dreamcast are the one's that jumped on 360 because "NEXT GEN!!!", I just had to wait for ps2...

shloobmm3349d ago

It failed for one reason and one reason only and that was a lack of DVD player. The majority of PS2's early success was built around the fact that the Ps2 was one of the cheapest DVD players on the market. Many videogame stores in Japan actually become DVD video stores instead and pushed the PS2 as its primary DVD player. The Dreamcast had some of the greatest games of all time and Sega was at an all time high when it came innovation at its launch.

RosweeSon349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

This was a big selling point for ps2 the fact that some of the games are still timeless classics now also helps sure Dreamcast has a lot of great games and sure some proper classics but ps2 had Lots. Most of Sega's were arcade ports and some with expensive accessories, virtua tennis 1/2 crazy taxi 1/2 18 wheeler, virtua fighter, house of the dead with Gun, Samba di Amiigo with maracas, Sega bass fishing? With a rod but all relatively shallow games when compared to your MGS2/3 God of war 1/2, gran turismo 3/4, GTA trilogy etc some serious meaty games compared to dreamcast offerings, I loved my dreamcast tho but it was always a console in the minority rather than a blazing success, I don't buy consoles for the sales tho I buy them for the fun and joy of using them the quirky ness and most importantly the quality. If it's a solid good console and has a 5-10 games then I'm in. Most day one or not long after except Vita waited a couple of years and Xbox one waited til s launched and was sold within 4 months. Not impressed kept my Wii u dreamcast even Wii a lot longer than Xbox one S

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