A Dedicated Fan's Concerns About Beyond Good & Evil 2

Chris Penwell from BagoGames writes: It’s been a few months since E3 2017, and I’ve been mulling over Michel Ancel’s ambitious project. The hype train has arrived at the station, and the dust has settled. It’s time to face the truth. The reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was exciting at first, as I have been a long time fan of the original game, but as more and more information is given, it seems the sequel I have always wanted is gone forever.

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PhoenixUp476d ago

I'm concerned with what kind of cheese would Ubisoft to sell Beyond Good and Evil 2 with

SegaGamer476d ago

I was concerned right from the beginning. You could tell from that reveal that this will be absolutely nothing like the original. I don't even know how they can call this Beyond Good and Evil 2 when it has very little in common with it. They could have just as easily called it something different and got away with it.

If you're fan of the original, then surely you would know that the game we wanted isn't going to happen. It's basically a totally different game and they are using the Beyond Good and Evil name to promote it.

-Foxtrot476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

1) It's a prequel...we wanted a sequel to tie loose ends up

2) It feels it's trying to be edgy (swearing and the the like)

3) Online focus...and you know what Ubisoft are like with their online crap

4) The main character is a create your own...which lessens the story a little (Imagine if Jade was like that)

5) Jade won't be in it...the character who we all fell in love with

6) The DLC/Pre Order/Season Pass are going to be ridiculous...lets be honest it's Ubisoft.

It's like they needed a reason to make this game and with how ambitious it is they needed an existing IP to help sell the idea so they decided to bring Beyond Good and Evil back...not for us fans but because they just wanted to sell us this new game with the BGaE name slapped on the box.

Personally as a huge fan of this franchise and the fact I've wanted it back for years I really hope they cancel it. I want a sequel with Jade which plays similar to the first game, I didn't ask for all this open world crap and I didn't ask for a prequel.

nitus10475d ago

As for BG&E 2 being a prequel I honestly feel like the game should have a different name since there was only one loose end (a WTF ending after the credits) in the original game and it would have been more appropriate to continue Jade's story.

Oh, I can just see it now. Multiplayer, Pre-order (how much useless "tat" does it come with), Season Pass (Sigh!) and DLC (Well The Witcher 3 did it right but I am not holding my breath).

sreevenkat475d ago

I think UBISOFT announced this game again super early to get shareholders support to avoid vivendi takeover.

nitus10475d ago

Hmm! you do have a point there.

Antifan475d ago

Game looks great. Something far more ambition than its linear predecessor. Im not concerned about the direction of the game, im more concerned about Ubi screwing this up business wise.

lockedongamer1474d ago

Why should linear be a bad word? It gives better storytelling, provides more world building, and less repetitive missions.