Nintendo reveals the top three ARMS characters with highest win rates

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed the most-used characters in ARMS starting with version 2.1. A brief follow-up report was shared since then regarding fighters with the highest winning percentages.

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FallenAngel1984388d ago

Nintendo never did that for Super Smash Bros

Pookandpie388d ago

Nintendo finally seems to be embracing the Internet age.

They've been releasing patch notes for Splatoon 2. How I wished that they did that for Smash Bros before I stayed up all night helping people on Smashboards test things, lol.

FallenAngel1984388d ago

I wish Nintendo was more supportive of Super Smash Bros' competitive scene

The 10th Rider388d ago

Honestly, if they keep adding more and more characters and stages to Smash Bros each game is going to take longer and longer to develop and they're going to be less and less balanced.

That's why I've been in favor of them making a "deluxe edition" of Smash 4 on Switch with all the DLC, Ice climbers, Snake (if they can), Wolf, Pichu, Ivysaur, Squirtle, and a selection of stages from previous games. It'd easily be the most definitive edition of Smash yet in terms of content and the roster would be huge.

Then, after that, they should make a smaller game with a roster and work with the competitive scene to make it focused more on "hardcore" and tournament play. The smaller roster would be much easier to balance. Items could also be a heck of a lot more fair. Stages could be unique and very few could have significant hazards. The game could be faster paced like Melee was. With both the games on Switch all fans of the series could be satisfied.

As it is, if they make a Smash 5 with even more characters than 4, it's going to take a while and the balance will likely be even worse. A Smash 6 with even more content would just be insane. You'd be looking at 75 characters or so, which would be absolute horror to try and balance.