A fan is creating a prototype version of Half Life 2: Episode 3 in Unreal Engine 4

YouTube’s ‘Trebla Freeman’ has shared a video, showing a prototype version of Half Life 2: Episode 3. Now as you may have guessed, this is a fan and not an official project. Trebla Freeman has been experimenting with Unreal Engine 4 and has created a map with a working gravity gun.

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TotallyOriginalName356d ago

Bring on the fan projects. Valve doesn't seem interested in doing it themselves.

awdevoftw356d ago

If it turns out good, valve can steal it as a mod, and make their own game out of it.

Thefreeman012356d ago

Not in source, don't think have ownership of it

CrimzonRazor356d ago

Valve will put a end to this they wont allow it

LiamKreptic356d ago

Just release it in a way that it's like half life but not half life. However the PC community is good at causing havoc if threatened so valve may get screwed if they attempt to disban. (I hope the PC community causes havoc cause valve has never given a clear answer to half life episode 3 and I want a clear answer not the wushu washy crap)