[Rumor] Target May Have Leaked a Bethesda Game of Thrones Game

A link on target has possibly leaked a Bethesda Game of Thrones game.

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-Foxtrot272d ago

A Bethesda Game of Thrones game? let me get this straight. They said they had no news to share on Elder Scrolls VI because they wanted to invest and make new games YET the one they do (if this is true) is basically Elder Scrolls with a license attached


AnotherProGamer271d ago

I actually saw a leak months ago that said Bethesda are making a game of thrones game

Also in the leak was a scifi space exploration RPG called Starfield

thekhurg271d ago

Can't wait to see what empty shell of a gaming experience they barf out with this license. Copy pasted quests, poor animations with a 12 year old game engine.

Krysis271d ago

@thekhurg I love Bethesda games, always have as do most people. That's why they almost always top the charts. If true it will be day 1 for me.

271d ago
Michiel1989271d ago

@thekurg a long time back they said they were working on a new engine for their future games, keep your hopes up! ^^

KyRo270d ago

@krysis that doesn't take away from the fact that Bethesda's two biggest selling games Fallout and ES are broken glitch fests. Their worlds may be amazing but gameplay and technical issues on the level of them is inexcusable considering the size and experience of the teams making the games. Yet these two franchises continuously get a free pass from the media and people buy it regardless.

UltraNova270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

So Bethesda is going to make a fantasy RPG GoT game that has little to no magic, sword fighting, dragon battles and plenty of incest?

Not sure about this...

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Reibooi271d ago

It's interesting cause awhile ago I had heard(it might have been on a Did you Know Gaming Episode not sure) that Bethesda was offered the chance to make a Game of Thrones game awhile back like before the show I think and they turned it down despite being fans of the books because they wanted to focus on the Elder Scrolls.

It would be somewhat odd to all of a sudden change that stance and make a game now if this ends up being true. I would honestly be a bit disappointed simply because I was hoping the Sci Fi game they are supposed to be working on was next and I was very interested in what they could do with their formula in space or sci fi settings.

-Foxtrot271d ago

I just don't get why they would waste their time on another fantasy RPG game set in a similar setting when they could be giving us new things.

Sci-Fi...Modern...Viking etc

LiamKreptic271d ago

Asking the true questions here

rainslacker271d ago

Probably, but they'll be from Bethesda's art design team, so probably won't look that good.

showtimefolks271d ago

i know the engine isn't capable but when rage came out the first thing i thought was if fallout is ever made on rage(ID5) engine that would be amazing. It's time for bethesda to upgrade to a brand new engine please we have had enough of this 12 years old engine. With all the bugs and glitches along with performance/graphical issues it's time to have a brand new engine build from ground up for bethesda open world games

babadivad270d ago

I think CD Project Red would do a better job of it.

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XiNatsuDragnel271d ago

Interesting A new IP ish game

Relientk77271d ago

Hope so, really want a good Game of Thrones game

SarcasticDuck271d ago

telltales GoT is great... their work shouldn't be called "games" though

DillyDilly271d ago

Hopefully its show based with all seasons

SirBradders270d ago

I'd rather a unique stpry where you can choose to take the throne either by force, politics or stealthily.

I watch the show for the show I don't wanna play it.

Imagine starting as a small lord of a house and then conquering westoros only to have the dead or the east come at you.

Game has so much potential if on right.

Team_Litt271d ago

Oh cool, so Skyrim 2 then?

UCForce271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Game of thrones is different than Skyrim. Sure, the show got dragon just like the game. But major differences is the story and the race. I don't want to bring too much detail bet, so I will make it simple. Game of Thorns don't have argonian.

Sam Fisher271d ago

So a down played skyrim then, they have different ethnicities, not races. They have white walkers (skyrim calls them druegers), medival settings of armor and weapons (elder scrolls 4: oblivion), dragon language like khalesi (skyrim calls them dragon shouts or thu'ums for short), am i missing anything? Ships? Skyrim and oblivion had it but they didnt go as far as to use them other than fast travel. Got has no magic except fire but you have to join a cult for that ability, thats it really. Oh and the many faces (dark brother hood).
The only thing got has truly incomparison to elder scrolls is horse armor

Michiel1989271d ago

@Sam FIsher why a downplayed skyrim? It's a different world magic isnt as prevelent anymore in current GoT time same with dragons, in the past there used to be a lot more of it.

And not because there is not dragons flying everywhere or magic everywhere means it downplayed.
What if they made the setting way before GoT where the andals and the children of the forest still live in big numbers.

I know bethesda is good at creating their own world, but im pretty sure they can make a game equivalant in quality to skyrim from GoT franchise.

Sam Fisher270d ago


Good point never thought of it to that point

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