Don't forget to get this free Rime dynamic theme right now

This Rime dynamic theme is not only free, but it even changes over time, too!

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BrianOBlivion181d ago

Nice. Thanks for the heads-up.

CaptainObvious878180d ago

Not available on the Australian store... no surprise there. Stop with this region BS on themes sony, it's getting old.

Dark_Knightmare2181d ago

Thanks for the heads up I downloaded it and it's beautiful. Truant pixel seriously makes the best themes

OffRoadKing181d ago

"RiME might just be one of the year's best games", I was under the impression Rime was not well received and did poorly.

cfc83181d ago

Don't know about sales, but it got alot of good reviews. I've started it myself, and i like it.

Dark_Knightmare2180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I don't know sales but it reviewed very well. I think it got an 83 on metacritic