SNES Classic Mini Pre Orders delayed: Amazon, ToysRUs Nintendo stock not ready for release

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini pre orders won't arrive in time for launch for numerous Amazon and ToysRUs customers, as emails announcing a "2-3 week" delay begin to surface.

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SojournUK207d ago

I wanted one for my Mrs but couldn't get one due to scalpers/ninty supply chain

Nodoze207d ago

Wow. Nintendo you need to fire whoever is running your logistics.

Knushwood Butt207d ago

Apple must be competing for them chips.

SmielmaN207d ago

I know eh? Wild.

I have the first preorder at my local EB Games so hopefully I'm still good

showtimefolks207d ago

in year 2017 to have these sort of shortages is simply absurd. Nintendo needs to get with times and make sure these are mass produced so everyone who want one can get one. this is why i didn't understand why NES classic was stooped i mean does nintendo hate money or something? instead of selling 2.3 million how about you sell 15-20 million

nintendo cares more about scalpers than gamers

DaleCooper207d ago

Ugh, Nintendo. Why do you make it so hard for us to give you money?