Xbox One Fans Can Expect More Japanese Games According to Aaron Greenberg

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg explains that gamers on Xbox One can expect more and more Japanese games coming in the future.

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PhoenixUp360d ago

You can't keep fooling these gamers Greenburg

Xbox One gamers already know they can't expect much in terms of Japanese support

Abash360d ago

If Aaron Greenberg said it, you can be sure it is bullshit

HaveSumNuts360d ago

I'd say its as valid as a Michael Patcher prediction

darthv72360d ago

So has MS and PG made amends....?

Thats really the only JP dev i thoroughly enjoy. Konami, Capcom even PD have all gone a bit stale as of late.

DarkZane360d ago


At least Michael Patcher get it right sometime.

butchertroll359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Here's a list of the Japanese games Square Enix alone has announced for each platform this gen:

Dragon Quest
Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Builders
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes 2
Final Fantasy Dissidia NT
Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
Final Fantasy XII HD
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale
I Am Setsuna
Itadaki Street: DQ & FF 30th Anniversary
Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 HD Remix
Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Kingdom Hearts 3
Lost Sphear
NieR Automata
Secret of Mana
Star Ocean 5
World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV: A King's Tale
Kingdom Hearts 3

Yeah, Greenberg!

The audience isn't there on Xbox for Japanese games.

Shin-Zantetsuken359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Greenberg can lie all he wants but Japanese games wont be launching or successful on Xbox unless Xbox fanboys open up their minds and stop calling them Jap Crap. It seems like Xbox attracts only ignorant close-minded dudebros and rednecks who hate anything foreign.

Shin-Zantetsuken359d ago

Greenberg openly lies. I just read his post on Twitter yesterday where he openly admitted to lying. A guy asked him why he said that Xbox has the biggest exclusives when it isnt true. He replied that he is the marketing guy; what do you expect him to say. And smirked. Somebody even posted a screenshot here in the comments section of another article. Cant find it right now but I am sure a little searching can help find it.

morganfell359d ago


Don't forget Japanese games from companies like Sega. We just had another Yakuza announcement.

rainslacker359d ago

At this point in the gen, anyone who is interested in Japanese games with enough interest to buy a console over it, they're likely never going to look at Xbox. There was a brief time in the 360 days when I looked to Xbox for that, but they dropped it pretty quick.

While it's good for those that already have the system, I doubt it's going to really be that big a factor to most of their current fans outside the occassional interest that may crop up from time to time....which means that the sales won't be high for the software, which means, like always, MS will miss out on a lot of the Japanese games anyways.

MS is trying to make it seem like they might get games like Nier, Nioh, Persona, or whatever that is getting a lot of attention for Sony right now, but as always, they just say a lot of things, without really letting people actually know what that content will be. For all we know, all those japanese games are of no higher caliber or interest than the the majority of games they showed at E3 this past year. DBZ was all they showed.....and it's a multi-plat game, and while popular, certainly isn't the only thing an Otaku gamer would be looking for.

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Obscure_Observer360d ago

Wow. Some positive news for Xbox One really make some people angry.

-Foxtrot360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

No...we are just expected to keep dancing along to the same tune and we're getting sick of it.

How many times have they said something like this? How many times have they delivered?

We'd be up to Blue Dragon 2 and waiting for Lost Odyssey 3 by now along with other new IPs if that really was the case.

Obscure_Observer360d ago (Edited 360d ago )


"No...we are just expected to keep dancing along to the same tune and we're getting sick of it."

Dude, no mean disrespect but, at least, try and be honest with yourself. You don´t like, Xbox. If Greenberg words turn out to be true, you know and i know that all you people gonna say is: "It´s a mistake to launch this game on Xbox"

Any good news for Xbox is very bad news for you guys. Sad but true.

freshslicepizza360d ago

"No...we are just expected to keep dancing along to the same tune and we're getting sick of it."

That doesn't mean anything because you appear to be sick of everything. Sick of reboots and movies like Mad Max because they didn't focus on Max, sick of Spiderman and casting such a young Spiderman even though in the comics HE IS YOUNG. Sick of online gaming yet refuse to support the PC that has thousands of offline games, sick of microtransactions even if they don't have any impact on the game if you dont buy.

I asked you before to name 5 games you liked, you ignored that. I think you get more joy out of being negative than to ever say anything positive. But in the end how can you be sick of what Microsoft PR say if you are not even supporting their products to begin with? Ignore them, then you will feel better, but you can't and refuse to because like i say, you enjoy being negative.

Don't bother replying, we all know you aren't able to.

-Foxtrot360d ago (Edited 360d ago )


Here we go...

"That doesn't mean anything because you appear to be sick of everything"

First off the bat we have a comment which goes straight into a personal dig at the user instead of the comment that user has made. You try to be smart with your quick, snarky reply but fail as it simply doesn't make sense as it has no relation to what I've said in my comment or the article in question.

"Sick of reboots and movies like Mad Max because they didn't focus on Max, sick of Spiderman and casting such a young Spiderman........"

As you can see you seem to push your already off topic reply even further away by bringing up other things like films which have no place on N4G and have no relation to the article (Xbox-Japanese games-Microsoft).

However the best part of your comments is usually the irony. While you bitch about the user, going into detail (sad detail if I may add, remembering useless bits of info like that) you always end up showing yourself up even more as you not only continue playing the same old song and dance yourself (THIS USER...blah blah blah) but you end up doing what you are calling the user for..."being negative". So lets break it down, what's worse, a user being negative (in your opinion) for talking about mostly shitty things in the industry like Microtranscations which it seems you are defending in some way OR someone like yourself bitching, being negative about a user because he said something which has upset you which offers no discussion as you're going off topic.

I think it's funny and you say "I get a joy of being negative" when all you do to people is have off topic rants to them just because you don't like what they've said about a company you're obsessed with. You've added nothing to this convo, like Obscure_Observer above. This is what always happens in these situations...instead of looking at the article where we have talk about how Xbox fans can look forward to Japan support and thinking about the many times we've heard this, talk which doesn't hold up in you look to Microsofts past history with these PR lines (Scalebound was cancelled, how we don't have Lost Odyssey 2 or any new Japanese IPs) you both go to the "YOU HATE XBOX" reply. Now I can't speak for everyone but as a gamer I want to believe them, I want more games but when I've looked back at Microsofts PR history and know they are bullshitting us, since they've done this before, what do you want me or others to say? You continuously go to this "You hate Xbox" or "You're a fanboy" counter talk because you don't want the discussion being about the real issue, the fact he's lying and because of this you know you can't defend him with no evidence.

"I asked you before to name 5 games you liked, you ignored that"

I ignored it because there's no discussing things with you and it would result in a longer replies with more dribble.

Death360d ago


If you are sick of hearing about Xbox news, why do you read it? I would think this would apply more to Xbox gamers any way.

freshslicepizza360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

"If you are sick of hearing about Xbox news, why do you read it? I would think this would apply more to Xbox gamers any way."

Because as i said he gets off being negative about everything. If he finds the entertainment industry to be dull and sellouts then maybe he should take up another hobby. The fact is Microsoft tried to invest last generation and sales are abysmal in Japan for the Xbox brand. So you are either part of the problem (not buying those games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey) or you just go elsewhere like with Nintendo or Playstation.

If you go years without ever saying anything positive about anything Microsoft does then perhaps it's time to move on. When Aaron talks about Japan he is likely talking about games that will also come to other platforms or smaller indie style games. Microsoft will not invest anymore into exclusive deals like they did with The Last Remnant and cancelling Scalebound to me shows no real confidenece in titles aimed at Japanese gamers.

bluefox755360d ago

It's not positive news, it's more PR spin from the kings of vaporware. People are starting to wise up to it, and yes, people get angry when they're consistently lied to.

WasimAkram360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

But Japanese games don't matter, remember the BS that you xbox gamers said in the past? Better remember that.

If you want Japanese games, buy a PS4, switch or PC. That is it. Xbox doesn't deserve any Japanese games.

ArmrdChaos360d ago

"If you are sick of hearing about Xbox news, why do you read it?"


hamburgerhill360d ago

I'm an Xbox guy all the way but what he said wasn't a bad thing. To me it sounds as if Greenburg is laughing at Xbox gamers but hopefully I'm over thinking it and this so called support will one day become a reality.

UCForce360d ago

Because Xbox have been screwing with Japan Video Game marketing and industry for decades. It's created a hardship between Xbox and Japan. People have a right to doubt about MS with this.

ceooflhm360d ago

Probably because they said the same thing about the 360 and well we know how that went. A few Japanese games at the beginning then nothing.

butchertroll360d ago

No, Obsure, people aren't angry. They are realistic. Unbelieveable how you swallowed Greenberg's PR. Good for you.

Obscure_Observer359d ago (Edited 359d ago )


"No, Obsure, people aren't angry. They are realistic. Unbelieveable how you swallowed Greenberg's PR. Good for you."

No dude, i don´t belive in Greenberg´s cheap talk most of the time, but, THIS TIME, i think it might have SOME true in his words. Recently Phil Specer took a trip to Japan, he said it was good, he didn´t provide any details and just go silent about it. Why? He said he´ll not be making any announcement on games on early stages of development anymore. So yeah, Greenberg running his mouth as usual, but i do belive that japanese games is comming to Xbox and i gonna bookmark this thread just to see how you people gonna be "happy" for Xbox fans when MS finally deliver some quality japanese games.

leoms359d ago

bruh, that kool aid you've been drinking became cyanide a long time ago.

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Araragifeels 360d ago

Xbox: Expect More Japanese Games
Everyone: Doubt

Rimeskeem360d ago

When was the last time Greenberg said something and it ended up true?

Auron360d ago

Did you forget Phil Spencer took a trip to Japan to meet with Japanese Developers.

UCForce360d ago

Yes, I remember. But how is turn out ?

Auron359d ago

Relax, he went to Japan in spring of this year. Do you expect 30+ new Japanese games on the Xbox by now???
There are plenty of Japanese Developers making games on Xbox One its not much but its a start.
I don't understand many of your guys negativity I've never known negative people to be cool. But around here I guess it's cool to be negative and hate on xbox I guess I'll never be that cool.

gamer7804359d ago

Ms is trying to be more strategic now with announcing games, they've been burned by announcing too early.

Yah it is a risk, not showing new games right now but they need to get exclusives under control.

ShadowWolf712359d ago

Yeeeah, and we were told we'd be seeing that at E3.

...he got to reveal trailers for some multiplats.

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YAO-BLING359d ago

how tf does this guy still have a job?

Ceaser9857361359d ago

Greenburg : Can Expect More Japanese Games but when to expect that i dont know but you can keep your expectation and faith... May be in few zillions year or so...

bennissimo359d ago

Most Japanese games are stupid, so this news is useless.

leoms359d ago

why are you commenting on this article?

bennissimo359d ago

Because I want to.

Why are you replying to my comment?

leoms359d ago

just to see how dumb you are.

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TheColbertinator360d ago

Aaron needs to shut up. MS just needs him to sell some subscription service instead.

360d ago Replies(1)
XiNatsuDragnel360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Oh boy Aaron just be quiet man, you'll already joke from your last interview.
In my opinion just expect little to no Japanese games coming to xbox.