Gamescom 2017 Aaaron Greenberg about the Xbox One X, PUBG & the future - Interview

Check out this interview with Aaron Greenberg.

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SaveFerris240d ago

Does the spelling of his first name mean the Xbox One X will have AAA console exclusives?

stuna1240d ago

I always thought AAA were capital letters? Unless Microsoft has also came up with a different definition of what a AAA exclusive is, just like they did with what Native 4K means/is, as well as uncompromise.

GamingIVfun240d ago

I do not understand why he is the head of marketing still.

Bobafret240d ago

Greenburg really needs to push away from the dinner table, he is looking unhealthy. And I don't mean it in a fat shaming way.

jagermaster619240d ago

Wow you are such a dickhead! Haha I'm only kidding he does need to skip the second lunch he takes every day.

DarkZane240d ago

I can't take anything this guy say seriously anymore. He is nothing but a joke now.

Clunkyd240d ago

The biggest joke in the industry.

whiteblue239d ago

I think pubg will help xbox a lot