Blizzard Hiring Senior Producer For Diablo II Remaster?

It appears as though Blizzard are hiring a senior producer to work on a remaster for the popular entry Diablo II.

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Unspoken87d ago

Work on D4, put D3 to rest and save the remaster for later.

Traingamez87d ago

I wish, unfortunately they see the money the can make by re-selling and re-skinning everything

we need Warcraft 4, diablo 4 and a brand new ip that is an rpg

it just aint gonna happen soon

Cyro87d ago

Yes, because Blizzard is a small indie company and can't do both.

Unspoken86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Look how long it took them to put the "DLC" out. Could have been a full expansion, so I'm tempering expectations with these guys. Overwatch was supposed to be the new MMORPG.

Miss_Weeboo87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

What do they mean by senior producer? What's that? Are they looking for financing? Or another 3rd part developer to actually do the remaster? Or an actual experienced producer to kind of overlook things?

phoenixwake87d ago

Hope it's a true remaster and not another "Darkening of Tristram".