Is GameStop Getting Out of Gaming?

Some enjoy GameStop's new merch-oriented business model, but others don't. Unfortunately, it's not going anywhere.

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derkasan238d ago

Well, the merch is certainly making them money.

AnubisG238d ago

We will see I guess. If gamestop goes under, a lot of people will be without a job and I don't wish that for anyone. Hopefully Gamestop can survive and find a way to be more customer friendly. But the market will decide.

P_Bomb238d ago

It's a Funko Pop Woodstock in there.

Relientk77238d ago

If they got outta gaming then they would just be called Stop

phoenixwing238d ago

they could rename themselves Stop n Go or is that already taken hmm....

vallencer238d ago

They'd just rebrand as think geek....considering they own that. It's an easy transition that will come. They make way more profit on that then they do games anyway.

forager238d ago

Would be nice if they accepted Price Matches...

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The story is too old to be commented.