PC Gamers Need To Chill Out

Handsome Phantom writes... "It's okay to have the best system, just don't be all high-and-mighty about it.

*The author of this article is a PC gamer"

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"Is it normal to be able to run games at high resolutions with a locked 60 frames per second" yes it is it's called having a paying job and buying the hardware you need to reach the best res and highest frames it's all about money

"Is a keyboard and mouse a technically more accurate than a controller" really you're going to ask that? it's facts the mouse will out due any controller even with aim assist.

"Is there a wider variety of games available for PC" Simulations. all of these have sub genres that are only available on PC but the list is too big so I won't list them go and look at steam
Adventure. ...
Real-Time Strategy (RTS) ...
Puzzle. ...
Action. ...
Stealth Shooter. ...

Security--- any one that's building a PC should have the common sense to know that there are things call anti virus and they should always have it running that's elementary or middle school knowledge don't skip out on computer class and you will have no problems.

Compatibility--- our community is united when it comes to trouble shooting problems if you have a problem launching a program I'm 99.9% sure some one has a fix for your problem again a little research doesn't hurt and stay in school again.

Cost--- ah again if you have a good paying job then who is to stop you from spending the money you earn? it's like any other Hobie if you can't afford it then what do you do? simply find a job that can support it simply as that and it doesn't take that much money to enjoy PC gaming. and the last time I checked a PC does thousands of thing a console can't so who is the one that should be mad that they spent 400/500$ on a hardware that only games and watch movies? and the hardware doesn't even do that properly? just saying

Lack of “couch co-op/competitive” games--- let me say this everyone that I use to game with as a young boy is now old men and woman and they are living their life's different from how I live my life and my little boy is 2 years old so he can't really game yet and even if he could I will train him about PC because in the long run PC is a platform that you need to know how to use a gaming console isn't that's just for entertainment. dude, there is a reason millions of people choose PC and co op couch play wouldn't be one of them.

Superiority complex---- a lot of people are like this it's not only PC gamers if you are a bum on the street do you think people will treat you nicely if you approached them?

Toxicity---N/A because console gamers treat each other the same so don't even mention it.

MOBAs---- mobas are the highest played and has the highest revenue in the gaming industry Plz think before you write league of legends alone has more players than the PS4 user base. and no console gamer should try to downplay games they can't play.