Nintendo Switch Is GameStop’s “Most Successful Nintendo Launch Ever;” a “Massive Success”

GameStop executives wax poetic on the success of the Nintendo Switch since its launch.

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_-EDMIX-_358d ago

Good for them. They are banking on those accessories. I don't see me getting much, maybe a carrying case and one of those screen protectors.

I see me maybe buying 3 games by the time I buy a Switch. Rabbids RPG, Animal Crossing and SMTV if its out by then, so.....well that would be 5 "accessories" for them then lol

yellowgerbil358d ago

Got a switch last month still only have zelda, but will be getting mario+ next week and whenever the physical sonic mania game comes, and golf story comes I'll be getting both of those.
They may not have the quantity of options as the competition but they definitely have the quality. Zelda is one of the best games ever and have about 50 hours in and no where near finishing the game.

_-EDMIX-_358d ago


I ended up getting Zelda on Wii U instead, I beat it a little while ago. Beat Sonic Mania a few days ago on PS4....that game is just....EPIC CLASSIC SONIC! Post how that Mario Rabbids RPG game is like!

Uken12358d ago


I get why you are waiting. Maybe a cool color option will be available for you.

I got mine day 1 just because I wanted Zelda on the Switch and could afford it. Mario Odyssey looks pretty dope and more like Mario64.
I hope they bring Smash Bros Wii U. That is one of the most understandable rereleases to me because it is already such a well balanced game with 50+ fighters. But just add more over the systems lifetime.

Also, when you buy a Switch, get a Pro Controller. It's on the level of a PS4 controller.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

@Uken- "I get why you are waiting. Maybe a cool color option will be available for you"

Actually just more games. I only buy Nintendo portables for Animal Crossing, Kirby etc. Some games look good like Rabbids Mario RPG game, but not enough to buy it right now, but will buy it Animal Crossing comes out. I ended up getting Zelda on Wii U and beating it. I played it on Switch a few times and I'm happy to have just waited considering.

I have a short list of Nintendo games I do want for it, but Animal Crossing is when I buy. Did it for DS and 3DS, will do the same for Switch. I use to only like the console Animal Crossings, but New Leaf did it right. For the most part, I simply didn't like not being able to have the gameboy player to just play it on TV, but with Switch being able to out to the TV....not a issue, plus after New Leaf, I like the concept of a portable Animal Crossing and put like 300 hours in it.

"Also, when you buy a Switch, get a Pro Controller. It's on the level of a PS4 controller."

I already planned for like 3 accessories and now its up to 4 lol

I want to just use the regular controller set up as much as I can as I don't really see me playing much action type games to really need that controller, but I might get one used if a game comes out that I want to play it with. Animal Crossing and Rabbids RPG are pretty passive games.

yellowgerbil357d ago

The other guy suggested you get a pro controller, I agree. What I don't agree with is saying it is on the "level" of a ps4 controller, it is 100x better than a ps4 controller. It literally was 3 weeks in before I had to charge my controller, compared to having to charge my ps4 one at least once a day. Also it feels perfect in my hand, more so than both the ps4s and xboxs.
So I wholeheartedly endorse getting a pro controller, the thing is a marvel

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

I still like the gamecube controller and actually wish they just kept using that one and make it wireless or upgrade it or something.

Good to hear the pro controller feels that good though. I might end up buying after if I can find a good one used or something. I plan to play a lot at home.

masterfox358d ago

Didn't Nintendo claim the Wii U had a successful launch also ?, and in the end we all know how it end up. lol

_-EDMIX-_358d ago


this is Gamestop saying they had the most successful. Based on their accessories and such.

Foraoise358d ago

You OBVIOUSLY haven't kept up with ANYTHING regarding the switch then, lol. Ignorance is bliss, I guess...

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

From Nov. 2012-Feb. 2013 for Wii U yes after that NO
The Wii U sold 4.3m in it's first year. Switch did more than that in 2.5 month

scarface0121358d ago

Nintendo ain't claiming anything dumbass. It's game stop saying this. Typical brainless zombiefied sony fanboy.

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