Skyrim for Nintendo Switch Release Date Listed on Amazon UK

Amazon UK may have revealed the release date of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch.

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ocelot07300d ago

Saved me a click thank you.

Kun_ADR300d ago

I think they are going to shoot themselves in the foot if they release it on that date. Mario O release is very nearby to that date and it will eclipse the sale of Skyrim. In my opinion, November is the best date for them due to Nintendo haven't announced any first party game for that date yet.

solderman300d ago

wait for a full Digital Foundry analysis on any Bethesda game before you part with your cash.

Kun_ADR300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

There you go. I quote the last part:

"But if what we played is indeed fully representative of how the final game shapes up when running in mobile mode, the Switch port of Skyrim should be well worth checking out. We've tried playing the game on an Intel Atom-based tablet with integrated graphics and the experience is nothing like as good as this - if you're looking to play a fully portable Skyrim, you're looking at a larger gaming laptop to offer the visual feature set and performance the Switch version is offering."

So far it looks very promising.

TekoIie300d ago

Still better to play it safe. This is Bethesda remember.

2pacalypsenow300d ago

I swear Skyrim is becoming the Terminator 2 of re releases.

Benjaminkno299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

The amount of content and different routes to take in gameplay makes it worth replaying several times over.

I'm sure the bugs will be almost non-existent when it's all said and done, which would be a huge deal as these games are notorious for them.

Having Skyrim on the go is worth the price of admission for Switch alone.

I hope it sells.
I think a million would be a success.
Maybe Switch could get fallout 4.
I'd probably even settle for FO3.