Miitopia Review – Bring Your Weirdest Fan Fictions to Life | GameCloud

Kit Fox at GameCloud writes: "Miitopia was a huge surprise, and I’m glad I gave it a shot. I’ve played many RPGs in my life but only a few have stuck with me for any amount of time. Miitopia easily earns that accolade just on how much it made me laugh and because of it’s player-directed stylings, I can thank my imagination for that. Well, that and a very active community of character creators! I look forward to taking another go at the story, recasting all the roles again or maybe even trying to reenact my favourite fandoms. An all-Avengers romp through a creepy castle? Yes, please! Fifty years of Star Trek characters in a swords and sorcery adventure? Let’s do this! As simple as this game looks on the surface, don’t let that fool you. Miitopia is player-driven control done right, and I hope we see more games like this in the future. But hey, Nintendo, maybe not as many eyeballs on butts next time if you don’t mind."

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