Looks Like Final Fantasy XV Won't Be Getting a Direct Sequel

Square Enix is more focused on expanding the already-developed universe.

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-Foxtrot304d ago

Thank god.

However I'd rather they just move onto FF16 and at least work hard on telling a better, more structured story instead of doing a FF15 where they create a game which falls half way then have to patch it well after release with development DLC which should have been in the game.

The ending was beautiful but would have made more of a memorable impact if people like Luna and co were more developed which would have made you care more.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

"However I'd rather they just move onto FF16"

Or FF17, who is to say that another team is not already making FF16?

The way Square works, for all we know they had another team already making design and concept for FF16 before FF15 was finished.

Consider FFVII remake was being worked on for years before ever officially being shown to us. Either way, I want to see the main team move on to main FF titles. I'd rather they have a small team for DLC stuff, but I don't want the whole main team doing stuff like FFXV-2 etc.

Godmars290303d ago

Think that design mentality changed with FF13. FF15 before name change was suppose to directly relate to it remember. Given that along with lengthy dev time, that again 13 saw two sequels, I can't see how Square has enough creativity to made an honest FF16. Especially not while revisiting FF7 besides.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

@GM- "I can't see how Square has enough creativity to made an honest FF16. Especially not while revisiting FF7 besides"

Different teams...

Godmars290303d ago

Given how they've repeatedly compromised extravaganza for plot or cohesion, as has been the case since FF8 if not before, not seeing how.

-Foxtrot303d ago

Not this bad. This was worse as it was unfinished and quickly rushed out.

Godmars290303d ago

"Not this bad. This was worse as it was unfinished and quickly rushed out."

Rather my exact point even if it could be argued that FF13 was their lowest point because it was so defrgamented they made three games, all with crappy stories, out of it. FF15 is further personification of those quick production and extension methods.

"Different teams..."

Still my point. Different teams means diffused priorities and resources. With what between FF as ongoing franchise, the remakes, Kingdom Hearts and new projects - cause there are ALWAYS new project, at some point priorities will shift along with resources, compromises will be made, and something if not everything will suffer. With the technical saving grace to patch and fix things with additional content.

rainslacker303d ago

I have to disagree about them requiring three games to tell FFXIII's story. While the story presentation of FFXIII was terrible, the story itself was complete from beginning to end. Maybe not enough lead in to know what the hell was going on at first, or ever, but other than that, it resolved itself fine.

The retconning for future games was just silly. XIII-2 wasn't too bad, as at least it kind of made sense in the vien of the lore, although not so much with the whole Caius/that girl thing, but LR was a complete departure from the lore with no real connection to it, and there was no resolution for Lightning which needed to be done. If anything, they completely left Serah unresolved from XIII-2 to LR, in what amounts to the most nonsensical story twist with no meaning in the end that I've ever seen in a game series.

Godmars290303d ago

You are correct sir: the other two games were NOT required...

Not. At. All.

rainslacker303d ago

I'm not even interested that much in a spin off. FFXV world isn't as developed as invalice was for FFXI, FFXII, and that other game I forget where everything was set in it.

At this point, since they dumbed down the original lore to twist it from FFXIII(which had great lore) to be the shallow shell it became in FFXV, I see no point in trying to make it interesting. They had a 40 hour core game to do that in, and failed big time. Not a bad story overall, it just felt under-developed because it was narrowly focused with characters that weren't even interesting. At least in FFXIII most of the characters were interesting, just they couldn't actually develop them that very well.

Godmars290303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

" and that other game I forget where everything was set in it."

The Gameboy titles that took place in a book?

And between FF13 and 15, didn't they just twist things until world lore was only semi-connected by name only?

rainslacker303d ago

From what I've heard about versus, the lore was the same, but it was looked at from a different perspective. Kind of the whole "there is no good or evil, only thinking makes it so" kind of thing. What this entailed I don't know, but a lot of the symbolism was still the same, but the actual perception of the people to this lore was different.

FFXV story, to me at least, seemed to have almost no connection to it's lore beyond whatever antagonism it could bring to the characters. The lore had no connection to FFXIII in the changes. Not just in name, but in all it's symbolism and core meaning.

Godmars290303d ago

FF15's lore was nothing like FF13's if people weren't being branded, gaining magic, and turning into crystal zombies for failing to decipher non-messages directly given to them by gods - WHO CAN TALK!

FF15 could have been an evolution from FF13, with Lightning's and crew actions leading to fal'Cie being enslaved, their power harness for humans to settle across Grand Pulse, class divide between magic and non-magic users leading to warring city-states, the Romeo/Juliet/Yakuza scenario Versus supposedly was going to be originally, the fal'Cie working in the background freeing themselves - DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER -- AND AIRSHIPS --- *AIRSHIPS ***MUST*** MUST BE PLAYABLE!!! AND THEY'LL HAVE THAT SWEET **SWEET** SZECHUAN SAUCE MORTY!!!!! ****THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE THE SAUCE MORTY*** ***####ITS ALL ABOUT THE SAUCE MORTY!!!!!###***


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PhoenixUp304d ago

Square Enix already said there wouldn't be a FFXV-2

Eiyuuou303d ago

To be completely honest... would you be surprised if they would suddenly backtrack on that decision "due to fans asking for more"?

I wouldn't.

gamer7804303d ago

no, this is my least favorite final fantasy in decades, if not the worst. They need to plan characters and their relationships from the very beginning. They need a cast that is unique from eachother. I think the time it took to make this and its reception should definitely lead SE to start fresh.

Eiyuuou303d ago

It seems 3 people didn't understand that the "due to fans asking for more" was PR talk.

Godmars290302d ago

Didn't everyone die? Were reborn in another dimension?

Eiyuuou302d ago


It's open for interpretation.

Mine is that only Noctis died.

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FallenAngel1984304d ago

Didn't we know this already?

Now one team can work on FFVII Remake while another team can work on FFXVI.

BLizardXD304d ago

"Looks Like Final Fantasy XV Won't Be Getting a Direct Sequel"
because that might take 2 generations to make.

FallenAngel1984304d ago


A sequel would actually come out faster than a new mainline installment since they would reuse the already established assets to make a new game rather than build something completely new from scratch.

Just look at the relatively quick development cycles of FFX-2 & FFXIII-2 compared to their original games as further proof of this.

Elda303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

True but the 2 sequels were horrible.One game only had 2 characters,no summons & a horrible story.The last sequel was one character,horrible story,no summons,horrible battle system. Imo those 2 games were not needed at all.

FallenAngel1984303d ago

No those sequels weren't terrible games.

No FFX-2 & FFXIII-2 didn't have summons, it made sense within the narrative. You killed the aeons at the end of FFX and Noel and Serah aren't L'Cie so they couldn't summon eidolons.

_-EDMIX-_303d ago

Fallen is correct.

Generally speaking, sequels come out much faster as they are not making a new engine or concept, they are simply building off of an existing.

Look at XIII-2 and 3. They didn't take the same time to make compared to XIII.

masterfox304d ago

good, all characters are very forgettable.

DragonDDark303d ago

Of all the things that are bad in FFXV, the characters are definitely not one of them imo.

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