It Turns out That Only 60% of Final Fantasy XV Players Have Beaten the Game

After a month of release, only 30% of players finished.

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AspiringProGenji112d ago

I gave up after I arrived to that Venice-like city.
I felt no investment or reason to keep going, approximately 25 hours pf play. And according to teh Internet, I didn't miss anything and aved mysef from a supposedly broken chapter. If it wasn't for Persona 5, I would be still bitter about this game. I just uninstalled it and moved on!

bouzebbal111d ago

this game is shit with game mechanics from another time.
Nomura should really stop making games and only work as character designer because many really like his art style.
This game would have turned good 10years ago. It is the first FF that doesn't impress me graphically.

i don't even know where i'm at, prob close to the end but i do not fel the urge to finish it i really didn't like it.

afg4everpsn111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

nomura didnt make the game.. he started its direction.. tabata is the main guy behind it..

Harkins1721111d ago

And here is your typical clueless gamer. Doesn't pay attention to news at all

DrJones110d ago

Graphics was the only thing that this game did right

Senboza110d ago


I've not played the game, but what outdated game mechanics are you talking about? The gameplay looked fine to me. It was the story, music, characters and atmosphere that sucked donkey balls (from what i've seen on Youtube)

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Cmv38111d ago

Fun game. But then you get to chapter 13, and it becomes a different unfun game. So i quit.

Becuzisaid111d ago

Chapter 13 was rough. But at least that boss at the end was pretty awesome.


Honestly my least favorite part of the game was after the 10 year gap. I thought that whole entering Insomnia bit was so weak. It's like they slapped that together in a day.

Gr8b8m8110d ago

Chapter 13 was my favorite.

PapaBop111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

So you gave up right before arguably the coolest boss fight in the game? Your loss I guess but sadly I completely understand and agree, the storytelling in FF15 is an embarrassment to the series, so many cut scenes end abruptly and you get the impression that the developers feel that the average player doesn't want dialogue heavy games.. made infinitely worse by their decision to painfully remind everyone every time you load the game up with "for fans and first timers" thing.

kevnb111d ago

which is fine, but they failed to simplify the plot and have less characters involved to go with it.

Christopher111d ago

60% completion rate is really high for a main stream RPG...

_-EDMIX-_110d ago

Agreed. I was about to say, that is actually pretty damn high for a game that moved over 6 million units.

-Foxtrot111d ago

They probably gave up after Chapter 8 when they realized how it was obviously unfinished and the team just rushed the to the finish line.

metalgod88111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

I got stuck trying to find the bar in that city. I was considering giving up, but pushed on and found it. I'm very happy I did. The story gets much much better, the fights are awesome, and the last 3 or 4 chapters go so fast because it's so good. 3/4 of the game is good, but slow. The last quarter is what makes the first three quarters worth it imo.

I hope one day, you come back to this one and finish it. This game didn't feel final fantasy like, but as an open world rpg, it's pretty good and those boss fights at the end are intense.

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PhoenixUp112d ago

That damn behemoth keeps kicking my ass in front of my castle

C-H-E-F111d ago

lOl, bro you have to roll like a mother fucker.... I wasn't even a high level, I was on that bit with like 99 health potions, ahahahhahahaa when I finished that whole fight scene, I had 2 potions left. That bit was soooooo difficult but when you beat it, you're like OH MAN!!!

@PHoenixUp if it helps motivate you, before that fight you can travel back in time to play the game and get money to buy health potions and level up. And.... this is the last "fight" you're almost at the end.... GOOD LUCK become the 60% lOl.

Becuzisaid111d ago

Blizzaga the crap out of him and spam him with teleport strikes.

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

Just use magic, magic is ridiculously over powered, that's how I won most of my fights despite being obviously under-leveled. Sometimes I got lucky and a summon smitted my opponent and I didn't have to waste the magic.

Cyro110d ago

haha same thing happened to me so I just grinded levels and came back to kick it's butt easily.

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I_am_Batman112d ago

60% would be above average as far as I know. I don't know how they got that number though. I've checked the trophy data yesterday and there is a trophy which you get close to the end which was synced by approximately 30% of players.

Overload112d ago

60% is well above average. I believe it's around 20% normally.

thepatientgamer111d ago

Yeah, that's what I was about to say. Definitely well above the average

FinalFantasyFanatic111d ago

Eh? Do most people not finish their games? I can understand if it's a bad game or you just don't like it, but I finish most of what I own.

_-EDMIX-_110d ago

". I've checked the trophy data yesterday and there is a trophy which you get close to the end which was synced by approximately 30% of players"


Everyone doesn't game online and everyone doesn't sync their data. I game almost every day and I rarely sync and for the most part don't really care. I think I did one last year and it literally showed me info from 2013 LOL!

vikingland1111d ago

I got the platinum trophy.

D3TH_D33LR111d ago

So did my wife and I'm working on mine. It's an easy game.

RedDevils111d ago

Wow I don't know how you manage that, it was borefest, I thought 13 was bad and I platinum that but I couldn't manage past 25hr mark on this game lol

MeteorPanda111d ago

l am waiting for all the dlc releases then playing it in it's entirely. good thing l decided to wait with the amount of changes and added content since then

can't really blame em

raWfodog110d ago

Yeah, I stopped after I got to Altissa and decided to wait until all the DLC has been released until I got back into it. I love the game though. I just want to play everything on the first playthrough.