Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Launch Day Review | Pennyworth Reviews

Pennyworth Reviews writes: It’s a big adventure with a big heart wrapped up into a smaller expansion that is still unmistakably the Uncharted you love.

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Ognipode361d ago

I'm really still just amazed at how much this game changed at around the halfway point, from needless roaming to just full blown Uncharted experience!

AspiringProGenji361d ago

Loving the game so far, especially the Mp. I hadn't gone back since forever. Classic Mode FTW

LoveSpuds361d ago

From start to finish this game had me gripped, great story, fantastic characters and a very cool and believable villain.

Most of all, I really enjoyed the opportunity to explore the characters back story in more detail, Chloe and Nadine were utterly brilliant characters. I would definitely buy another game in this series.