Who's Still Using PSVR, PSX, and Playing Nice With Exclusives

Joe and Ren talk about how PlayStation's Relationship with second parties differ from Xbox. The gang, talks about whether PSVR is still breaking ground, and how VR can be implemented, and we're going to PSX!

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Apocalypse Shadow275d ago

Interesting podcast. Good points on Sony allowing its developers to create games and not micromanaged like Microsoft does leading to Crytek, Remedy, Platinum, etc backing off from their previous connections to them. They were more hurt than helped by them.

PSX should be cool in Anaheim. Sony will definitely bring the current titles and the surprises.

As for VR, the podcast is right on some things and weak on others. Right about that there should be more big titles made for it and not just Indie companies leading the charge. If you make the hardware, you should lead with software. I don't know what Sony's making behind the scenes, but there are opportunities there that aren't being taken advantage of. Where's Everybody's Golf support? Where's Sports Champions. I mean, there aren't really any sports games at all. Bowling. Where is it? High Velocity bowling from last gen would be perfect. A real update to Hustle Kings. I know it's still less than a year and more games are dropping. Would still like stronger leadership push.

On the other end, YES, there are gamers using their PSVR. I do almost daily. Just looked at 360 videos of lions that I'll never get that up close to, experienced the eclipse from many areas of the path because I didn't live in the direction it was going.

Also, the podcast mentions both individuals getting nausea. But doesn't mention what DOESN'T give them nausea. And no mention of Super Hot, Dirt Rally, Far point, Mortal Blitz,etc. Doesn't talk about upcoming games like Sparc, Megaton Rainfall, Doom VFR, Ace Combat 7 when there is a show going on this week displaying these games. Podcast was still positive about VR in general but lacked those things I mentioned above. Decent listen though.

Poli_Games274d ago

Thanks for giving us a listen! Movement in VR, gives me a rough time in VR. Which is odd, because i don't get sick on planes, boats, or cars. The first time i ever when "wow this is motion sickness", was in VR. Eve Valkyrie, Rigs, Res Evil, Star Wars (i fought through that one!) , they all got me incredibly sick. My Co- host gets sick very easily, so VR just isnt for her yet. I think you hit it on the head, 360 video and pictures. Going deeper in those avenues i think holds a great place to make some serious bucks in VR. I'll make sure to mention some vr titles for next episode! Thank you for the feedback, i hope you continue the journey with us as we grow and gain our footing!