The Best Video Game Controllers of All-Time

As a gamer, a controller is vitally important. It allows us to feel our games, control characters, and most importantly, achieve victory. As we grow older, we get to experience new controllers, as each new console provides us with one.

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PhoenixUp481d ago

"The original PlayStation controller was a dud. Sure, it had a nice layout for buttons, but a lack of rumble or analog sticks held it back."

How could it be held back when rumble and analog sticks weren't around or even prevalent when this controller released in 1994? Sure it pales in comparison to the later DualShock, but it was still a fine controller for the time it was released.

lptmg481d ago

honestly I don't find the DualShock from the PS1 to the PS3 very comfortable, but damn is the PS4 controller good

lptmg481d ago

might be a weird addition but I love the Saturn's analog controller. It looks absurdely weird but it's super comfortable

jreeves82481d ago

I'd add the ps4 controller. Only real downside is battery life.

Venox2008480d ago

My favourite of all time is Gamecube Wavebird wireless controller