When Should We Expect a PlayStation 5 Announcement from Sony?

This article looks over the possible triggers and reasons for a timetable regarding the announcement of a PS5.

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crazychris4124205d ago

Leaked before E3 2019, released fall 2020

Soulst0rmer205d ago

I say all currently announced games come to PS4. I am saying Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Death Stranding, and SuckerPunch's next game are 2019 Fall -
2010 Summer releases. PS5 announced in Feb of 2019 and launches with Horizon, a COD, Madden 20, and GT Sport APEX Edition.

darthv72205d ago

It wouldnt surprise me if they have been working on it since the Pro so if they are confident about its specs and design, I'd expect info by E3 of 2018 with a release in fall of 2019.

Ju205d ago

I think so, too. This has been in the making already for a while. Possible even in parallel with the Pro. And yet, I don't understand why people (on here) see this so black and white.

The PS4 market can coexist with a new platform. All that matters is that new games will be released for the 60M people owning a PS4, and those games will also run on the new platform (all of them), and it can offer some more enhancements what a current PS4 cannot offer (e..g focus on 60fps and UHD drive, so games can exceed 50GB).

Nothing is getting taken way from the PS4. Developers are most like targeting multiple performance targets already. Those games will simple scale dynamically for PS4 and PS5. Master a game for >50Gb and master the same with less assets for a BD release. Same when games download hi res assets today. This has already been done and will sure need to be done for the XoX. So, no real holdup to not go with it for Sony.

As much as I like my Pro, I wouldn't might investing again - later next year.

Bigpappy205d ago

I feel there will be some pressure to do so if the X keeps gaining in popularity. The problems I see for them releasing in 2019, is what do you build that would be significantly more impressive than a 4K console and what would something like that cost in 2019? X1X is in a very strong position right now. As it has already shown that developer can achieve 4k at high setting and the most I see Sony doing by 2019, is releasing a more powerful Pro. I think a console with a significant leap in power over the X will prove too expensive in 2019.

Aenea205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Normally they already start working on a new console once the previous one has released. I remember an ad from Sony where they asked for people to work on the PS5, this was 2 or 3 years ago....

"According to lead architect Mark Cerny, development of Sony's fourth video game console began as early as 2008" (from wikipedia, there's a source for it as well). So they were working on the PS4 5 years before release, so it makes to expect them to already have been working on it for a few years by now as well...

sd11205d ago

I am thinking spring 2020.

AspiringProGenji205d ago

Late 2018 to mid 2019 is good to me. I want another batch of great games before the PS5

ninsigma205d ago

Honestly if it was to release end of 2018 but before that we still got all the big games promised to us released like death stranding, God of war, Spiderman and days gone (probably forgetting a few) then I'd be fine with that.

SaveFerris205d ago

What is with these PS5 articles popping up again at this time?

Aenea205d ago

Probably the same reason why some Xbox fans are over the moon they finally have a more powerful console 😜

As for me personally I don't care that the Pro isn't as powerful as a competitor come November...

InKnight7s205d ago

Xbox one X awkwardly late and no game invest into it except Forza7 even the long waited powered by cloud game isnt near yet, that made them angry so Ps5 articles is the way to go.

WePlayDirty205d ago

Sony should release it when the time is right. Don’t react just because MS has their ‘new’ iteration of a console. Be confident.

Ju205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

But why underestimate the competition, and not top it off now that you are on top. No reason to not move forward. It would be a mistake to let the momentum slide.

UCForce205d ago

Sony don't need to be worried about it. I prefer Sony focus what they good at.

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