Is the ESRB Too Restrictive?

The ESRB has come around to ruin Xbox One owners' fun! The company has slapped down Conan Exiles, forcing it to be censored. Is the ratings board too old-fashioned?

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TC731425d ago

lol that girl was the first one I got naked in House Party XD

CrimsonWing69425d ago

Yes and if the industry wants to move forward they need to stop with censoring games aimed at adult audiences.

The MPAA used to be really strict as well but now you see movies pushing boundaries.

I want console games to do the same.

gamer7804425d ago

Can u just import Conan exiles? Or does that hinder online not sure if it's digital only

lennyvon425d ago

Censoring a depiction of the human body takes precedence over blood and gore and murdering people in videos games lol.
Who are they trying to please?

Derceto425d ago

You're only asking this question now? lol It's been too restrictive since it was created.