PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Play Functionality: Microsoft Tries to Open, but Sony Continues to Close

Will we ever play on PS4 against our friends on Xbox One and vice versa? Gamescom offers us some interesting rumors and informations

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FallenAngel1984358d ago

Microsoft could always try to get FFXIV on XO since that'd be easy to have cross platform play with PS4

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butchertroll357d ago

And 5 years ago was otherwise.

Aceman18357d ago

It seems the only ppl up in arms about this are xbox gamers with a small portion of PS gamers who actually want it also. Seems the majority of PS gamers could give a flying you know what as they aren't losing sleep over this. I know I'm not losing any sleep over not having this feature lol.

Felix313357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

FF14's director tried to get it on xbox but MS said no as SE wouldn't make a Xbox only server, in fact he's still open to launching on xbox if MS were willing to say yes. As for MS's current cross-play push Sony might be more willing to go along with it if MS didn't require non xbox uses to sign in with an XBL account.

EDIT: just remembered about DCUO - PC/PS4/PS3 all play on the same servers (US/EU) but when it launched on Xbox it was on it's own separate servers and despite the xbox player base dropping off a lot after launch there seem so be no sing of the servers being merged, you'd think if MS was all about the cross-play they'd allow/encourage a server merge

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

I think it was that, but many other issues on why FF14 is not on XONE.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

@Fallen.....I see what you did there. =)

segamaniaco356d ago

Its obvious at this point that sony will demand some advantages to let this happen

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shinoff2183358d ago

Sony tried this with ps3 and 360 MS wanted nothing to do with it. Now MS trying to make sony look like the bad guy. GTFO. By the way I dont play online games but they are being hypocrites.

WasimAkram357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Yup. Here is the link


Jeff257357d ago

I especially like this statement from that article. It's part of a direct quote from a Microsoft Spokesperson. "Because we can't guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability." Now of course MS seems to want to change their tune. Maybe because they are getting trounced in sales or maybe they just realize they messed up last gen. Who can really say? I do know that statement sounds a lot like what Sony said at E3.

Now that being said I do see a way that Sony could allow cross play on some games and still protect their player base. The upcoming patch changes the way parents can control their kids accounts. I have to think their would be a way to add in a setting that would give parents the option of whether to allow cross play or not. I do think the big hangup at least for Minecraft is that it requires a Live account. Not sure what the hangup can be for Rocket league but Sony for all we know could be looking at this behind closed doors and can still make changes later as they see fit.

Whether they ever do or not. I don't really care. But for some to bash Sony on this when they have reached out in the past to make it happen is just wrong.

EatCrow357d ago

That article only points out that both parties had crossplay with PC on some games and not on others.
The article also mentions that while MS actually came out to explain why, which is perfectly reasonable as compatibility between the two networks would need to be invested on,...Sony was all hush hush.

shaggy2303357d ago


If you had read further down the article you would have ready the following:

"I checked with Sony's public relations team, but they didn't come up with an official statement yet about how their company feels about the possibility of cross-console gaming"

It seems to me that both companies weren't really too interested in doing crossplatform, ie PSN linking to XBL or vice-versa.

rainslacker356d ago


It's funny, because that quote is basically a better explanation of the same thing that Sony said as to why they weren't allowing it. Sony just tried to spin it in some "think of the kids" nonsense.

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Braveheart_NZ357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

If everybody thought like you do we would still be in war with Germany and Japan. Times change and people move on, Governments change and relationships change. Back then in the old 360 days Microsoft were a different breed and run by the infamous Don Mattrick. Since then, Microsoft have tidied up there game a lot since those days with staff and policies etc. Isn't it time to finally move on and that's coming from a guy who has two PS4 Pro's in my household. Cross platform play is consumer friendly and the opposite stance is anti consumer. If the PlayStation moto was "for the player" then they should consider crossplay and at least give choice if one wants to opt in or not. I for one would love to see tournaments between PlayStation players and Xbox players. My gosh ,the banter would be awesome and the matches fiercely competitive each trying to get one over the other. It would be even great to spectate such matches.

Prince_TFK357d ago

What is this madness??? Rationality doesn't apply here! You should learn to kiss a** of one and sh*t on the other in order to be accepted here.

Liqu1d357d ago

Don't compare war to business. One results in deaths the other doesn't.

morganfell357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"Times change and people move on"

Yes, when it is convenient for MS.

"Don't compare war to business. One results in deaths the other doesn't."

Agreed. It always makes me shake my head when I see one of those old books telling people they can use Go Rin No Sho for business. I do not remember anyone getting their head cut off when they didn't make a sale.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago


Buddy, relax, its not that serious.

shinoff2183355d ago

They didnt tidy up anything. Truth is sony is handing their ass to them and they need good pr, so throw sony under the boss.

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letsa_go357d ago

I think Microsoft just wants some of that 60+ million userbase so their online lobbies aren't so empty

NeoGamer232357d ago

Ya, this just speaks to what happens when one company starts to dominate.

They get cocky and start telling gamers what is best vs. listening to what gamers want.

Whether it is Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Steam, etc. Gamers should not want any one company to dominate gaming. Competition creates innovation. Without competition innovation has no reason.

Chevalier356d ago

Its on the competition to compete though. Its not Sonys fault MS has not prepared for this generation. Is it Sony's fault Xbox first party are struggling? That they have the studios doing the same games? That MS were forced to reset 4 years in? How come you guys don't call MS on their shortcomings? Sony came better prepared and have delivered where it counts, that's why they are dominating.

NeoGamer232356d ago

Ummmmm... I did not single any company out negatively. You are reading stuff into it that is not there.

I did say when one company dominates it is bad. It doesn't matter what company it is to me.

MS started to dominate with 360 and then they went to sleep. Sony has dominated since the start of this gen and it is mostly asleep at the wheel.

2pacalypsenow357d ago

"Xbox Live delivers the best entertainment experience unmatched by anyone else, with 35 million actively engaged members. We have a high level of expectation for our game developers to ensure that all Live experiences remain top notch. Because we can't guarantee this level of quality, or control the player experience on other consoles or gaming networks, we currently do not open our network to games that allow this cross-over capability."

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WePlayDirty357d ago

I’d keep it closed as well. In order to do crossplay you’d need an xbox live account as well.

Braveheart_NZ357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you use a Windows 10 computer don't you already have an Xbox live account since Windows uses a Microsoft sign in account, which you also use to sign in to Xbox live on the console or to the Windows 10 Xbox app on a PC?

Lon3wolf357d ago

You don't need a Microsoft account for Windows 10, you can use it if you wish like you said otherwise just setup a normal computer account like older versions of Windows.

OB1Biker357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I got a Ms account I opened years ago (because I had to) but I dont think it has anything to do with an xb live acc.
It just uses it to run windows
Im not interested in using xb live anyway
Been using PSN to play on PS and want to keep it that way

_-EDMIX-_357d ago, you don't.

Maybe you should actually use windows 10 to know this.

rainslacker356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

There are perks and added features for doing so, but no, it's not required. You can skip that step in the set up process.

A lot of people do have a live account of some form. Hotmail, outlook, live, xbox, etc. You can use any of them to access the features of any of those various services or products from MS from one account....which is a nice thing really.

personally, I used my long standing hotmail account as my XBL login, although I do have another account for Xbox development purposes as provided by my company.

In any case, it doesn't matter that a lot of people have one. It doesn't mean they want to access XBL while playing games.

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Kiwi66357d ago

For Rocket League or Ark you don't

Kiwi66357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

What I mean is I don't think that you need one for those two games

aconnellan357d ago

Only for Minecraft, not for any of the other games that are getting pushed for crossplay

Elda357d ago

Keep doing what you're doing Sony.

chrisx357d ago

Well said. I would never ever want to cross-play with the mostly toxic xbone community

zerocarnage357d ago

That's a bit of a childish comment, sounds to me that the only toxicity is coming from your direction.

WasimAkram357d ago

Well said chris. Keep those 14yrs old at XBL. We don't want that crap over here on PSN.

EatCrow357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

insulting a playerbase and claiming they're the toxic

Sorry to ruin it for you. Toxicity on both consoles. and on PC.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago


@Zero- I didn't buy my PS4 to play MP titles with XONE gamers.....I mean, I generally didn't buy my PS4 to even play many MP titles in the first place. When they have 60 million units in terms of an install base, I don't see the point in worrying about another system's install base of players.

That is irrelevant to me and the 60 million that own PS4.

aconnellan357d ago

Firstly, PC is much more toxic than XBL, and Sony is happy to crossplay woth them (as are the fans)

Secondly, Nintendo - the most kid friendly console on the market - is more than happy to do crossplay with XBL. And yet Sony's 'worried about the children'

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chris235357d ago

LOL.. this cross play talk is the same thing every gen happens. some feature a certain group of consoles owners can't have - and everybody and their mother needs that freaking feature or the world will come to an end. it's one of these features almost no ones uses when it's finally available minus a very, very small group. the same thing went down with useless backwards compatibility. or custom mp3 playlists.

OB1Biker357d ago

I agree that they r doing much fuss about a few games obviously favouring one console and not game changing.
It would be interesting and somehow less hypocritical if they were trying to push for comprehensive crossplay with most big mp games. That, indeed, would benefit the majority of gamers

Chevalier356d ago

Remember the big issue of mods on consoles? Years later 1000+ games available, 2 games use it.