Should you buy a Linksys "Gaming" router for $300 ?

This Linksys Gaming router prioritizes your gaming traffic before everyone else's traffic

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Lon3wolf89d ago

No, and you keep that Killer rubbish too. I have it on my motherboard and I am not impressed by it.

trumpwonstopcrying89d ago

If you have MuMIMO and wireless ac hookups then you're fine with any router that has MuMIMO tech.

also direct ethernet connection would still be ideal over a $300 router

InTheZoneAC89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Ethernet>>>>>wi reless

Buy off Amazon a flat ethernet cable and run that to your existing router. Depending on length you may spend up to $30-$40 but it'll max out your connection that no $300 gaming router could do.

bluefox75589d ago

Nah, my generic 5 dollar wifi dongle works great, never get lag, always have a low latency.

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The story is too old to be commented.