How Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X improves over PS4 Pro

Eurogamer: We've covered Rise of the Tomb Raider across four different formats over the last couple of years, and we're about to add a fifth and possibly final release.

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freshslicepizza272d ago

Impressive power for a $500 console

Septic272d ago

Very impressive. This is just the beginning I imagine. Can't wait for this machine to really flex its muscles.

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Shin-Zantetsuken272d ago

It is already almost 4 years into the generation. Most of the major franchises are already out like FFXV, MGS5, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Resident Evil 7, Doom, Destiny, etc. etc. The gen is already winding up with few games coming up except for the yearly milked franchises. It wont be getting much time to flex its muscles before next gen is upon us.

DiRtY272d ago


I think there will be plenty of good looking games in the next three or four years.

Septic272d ago Show
-GreenRanger272d ago


Games are subjective. That's what PS fans were saying before Neo and Project Scorpio became rumors. I like PS games better than xbox games, but c'mon man end the victim act.

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S2Killinit272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Not enough of a difference to justify paying $550 Dollars for a console that is lagging in games.

mogwaii272d ago

What like not be able to run killing floor 2 in 4k? Lol

Ju272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Bu...but it doesn't run native 4k ;)

Both 4K modes are not native. Impressive non the less, but just for the kicks and jiggles. Not native, either way :P

Which makes me wonder, why didn't they use a CB solution for the enhanced mode on the Pro. Like a 1440P CB mode (we haven't seen anything like that on the Pro, but why not).

TheKingKratos272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

You have a point but still you have to admit that Xbox X is quite the upgrade
I won't buy it over the pro though because i like Playstation games far more and they bother to make AMAZING exclusives plus this gen is still 2-3 years away from next gen.

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MegamanXXX272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Still sounds expensive for a console with not enough great exclusives like PC, PS4, Switch for the price and just relying heavy on third party support to get by but that's just my opinion. Gamescom said it all for me

4Sh0w272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Actually I *sort of agree with you.

Yes and No.....*This year the exclusives are lacking imo (not enough of my type of games) but the hardware for what is IS worth the price.

I mean just the fact that the X is going to basically improve performance or visuals or both for my huge library of Xbox games that I already own for FREE is almost pushing me to make a purchase, but then lets not forget that games like A.C. Origins, Shadow of Mordor, Anthem and tons more major blockbuster 3rd party games make up 90% or more of both platforms lineups. Hell even the biggest 3rd party games like GTA, COD, Battlefield, Overwatch, Madden etc see by far more sales and gameplay time on both platforms than exclusives do.

So yes theres plenty incentive there for a purchase....Im just mad at Microsoft for not nailing things down with their own 1st party games this year & launch....I suspect/pray they are working on that issue though.

MegamanXXX272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I don't trust the Jaguar cpu in the consoles. The only reason I bought a PS4 was because of the exclusives other than that I play most of my games on PC. I'm interested in buying a Switch or trading in my Wii U for a Switch because Nintendo first party exclusives and upcoming games does look appealing and it has nothing to do with power it's all about the games it's the major reason I buy a *game* console. It's going to take years for Microsoft to develop first party studios. It took Sony years to do that as well.

SilverDemon272d ago

I highly disagree, this year we got the highest rated games this gen (zelda?)
We've seen Japanese developers returning to the greatneess they once were(nier, nioh, persona, yakuza, gravity rush). We also seen good numbers of western games (horizon,for honor, wildlands etc)

I know you said not your type of games but those games cover a wide variety of genres. so I must Ask, whats your prefered type of games?

4Sh0w272d ago (Edited 272d ago )


-Sure but they don't need a ton more studios, fir now they just need the studios they have to actually work on putting out other games besides Gears, Halo, and Microsoft has the cash so I'd like to see way more deals like ones that bought us Sunset Overdrive, Ryse and even Scalebound, without of course the cancellation part. btw PC gaming is fine, I can easily afford it, I just prefer consoles, for others $500 for the performance is a huge factor.


huh?...You misread my post, I was only talking about Microsoft/Xbox exclusives lineup for this year. As for the rest of what I said above, Iam correct, while exclusives are important 3rd party games are bigger in terms of quantity, sales, and playtime.

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Zeref272d ago

I saw a comparison to PC and PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X version surprisingly looks a bit better than the PC version. The PS4 Pro version looked nothing close to either as expected.

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christocolus272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

"The Pro's 'enriched' mode also makes an appearance on Xbox One X and seems to feature a very similar visual feature set, packing in more graphical upgrades ported over from the PC version. However, the big difference here is that it's presented as an alternative 4K mode, as opposed to PS4's 1080p presentation. It's not immediately clear how Nixxes has pulled this off,"

"On top of that, there are further enhancements we've not seen on any other platform: Dolby Atmos spatial surround support is confirmed, along with HDR rendering. We actually saw HDR running on the PC version of the game way back in March 2016 at Nvidia's GTX 1080 launch (there's even a blog post from Nixxes about it), but for reasons unknown, the feature never made its way to users. With this in mind, we're hopeful that HDR support will roll out to all Rise of the Tomb Raider users, regardless of platform."

Some nice improvements right there.

Supafly272d ago

More devs should do this. I hope they update vanilla xbox one version and get rid of the input lag.

OoglyBoogly272d ago

Alternate 4K mode running at what native resolution though? Are they saying that it's impossible to do similar on the PS4 Pro? HDR is also something that had better come to all platforms that support it. If it was shown on PC first and is now in the XBX version I'm sure it will though...right?...

It all sounds impressive but it's not really telling us anything.

Ju272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Well, the PS4 mode runs 1080P native, the XoX probably some sort of 2160CB. Makes me wonder if the 1080P mode would also use some sort of CB how far they could have pushed it. They obviously improved on the Pro code and pushed it further. I guess there is no incentive to back port this to the Pro? Also, makes me wonder if there is any FP16 optimization in the Pro version. Given it has released quite a while back and the Pro was fairly new, I doubt it pushed it to the limit at that time. It won't match the XoX, of course not. And it still looks great. I, personally, can't really see a huge difference. I still prefer the 4K mode simply for the fact it produces less aliasing and less shimmering.

theXtReMe1268d ago

So the 4K mode is native and the Enriched mode is temporal 4K? Thats pretty impressive. I was under the impression that the Enriched mode would be running at 1080p or maybe 1440p. Im going to play in the Enriched mode, if the sharpness isnt dialed back too much. Seeing the gameplay videos from the X in 4K via my 4K screen... was awe inspiring! Its just nuts how good it looks.

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ichdich272d ago

Xbox One X is a beast

Significant gains over the Pro

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trooper_272d ago

A brand new update to a console is more powerful than one that came out before it?

I am shocked I say, shocked!/s

Now let's see exclusives take advantage of this power.

Hardiman272d ago

Yes now if there were that one main, new ones preferably then I would be excited. As it is November 7th is just another day in the month of November for me.

itsmebryan272d ago

But, doesn't change the fact the X1X is more powerful.

Kakashi Hatake272d ago ShowReplies(6)
its_JEFF272d ago

I love it! So much petty behavior, on both sides. People trying to play off that they're not baiting LOL Gotta love the internet. Enjoy your time in the spot light boys, eat it up and throw it in your "opponents" faces. Just be prepared to receive when it comes back ground, cause it always comes back around.

Ju272d ago

The "significance" comes from the marketing (and exploring the avenue taken a year ago with the Pro release). The rest is simple maths. Th 40% increase based on clock frequency and bandwidth.

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