Media Create sales (8/14/17 - 8/20/17)

This week's Japanese hardware and software sales are in.

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Neonridr207d ago

man.. DQ XI still chugging along on both platforms. Splatoon 2 is nearing 1 million. And make way for The Snack World, lol.

Overload206d ago

The PS4 outsold the Switch? That's pretty crazy.

Neonridr206d ago

it happens. Switch sold over double the PS4 the past 2 weeks. Not sure what supply is like over there yet.

_-EDMIX-_206d ago

That will be the norm pretty soon. I think the launch hype is slowing down.

Lime123206d ago

PS4 outsold Switch by cca 50%? This is Nintendo's strongest market.


The 10th Rider206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

You don't need excuses. It's well know that demand far exceeds supply for the Switch over there right now. Anyone who says otherwise is in obvious denial.

The past few weeks Nintendo's been putting out lots of stock out there for Splatoon 2's release. This week/late last week it's been US retailers that have been seeing restocks instead. Once stock normalizes we'll have a clearer idea of what the demand over there really is.

If you believe this week's numbers are truly reflective of demand, then what's your excuse for the past few weeks where it sold nearly 100,000 all while it's been impossible to find and people were lining up in huge numbers for just a chance to get one?

EDIT: @Neonridr,

He was still trolling last week trying to find excuses for the Switch's success even when it sold well.

Neonridr206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

@Lime123 - so that means the PS4 is only behind by 36k units in total from last weeks sales.

What new Switch game is available that is driving sales? Hell look at the Switch games that continue to sell. Hundreds of thousands of units. Aside from DQXI show me another PS4 title that cracks 100k. For such a "popular" console, nobody buys any games out there for it.

Besides, are Switches sitting on shelves in Japan? Or are people still having lotteries to buy them? Oh right..

Funny how the past 3 or 4 weeks you are nowhere to be found.. but then as soon as Sony outsells them, presto you're back.

Knushwood Butt206d ago

I thought Nintendo increased production?

_-EDMIX-_206d ago

Well you can only really sell on nostalgia and hype for so long.

Heck, even look at the PS4 games on the list, Hitman, Dragon Quest X, Crash Bandicoot, Gundam Versus etc

They just have a range of games that are very, very different. They are not catering to only buy 1 publishers games, so folks keep buying PS systems because Sony having a game out doesn't actually change if someone buys a PS4 or not. Thats VASTLY different to what Nintendo goes through, 95% of their consumers are buying Switch for Nintendo only games.

So Sony can keep selling PS even without putting out a game themselves, their install base doesn't just out of 95% only buy Sony published titles.

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Istolla207d ago

Let's see how quickly this gets approved.

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Relientk77207d ago

Congrats to Microsoft on selling a solid 100 units this week in Japan

Up 33.33% from last week

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TheColbertinator206d ago

More like trying to mow your lawn with toenail clippers.

Big_Game_Hunters207d ago

DQ still not near 3mil, considering the franchise and country it actually signals decline, i guess some people are just waiting for the switch version. Anyway Who told me PS4 Ver outsold 3ds ver. Online sales in japan don't clear that big a gap.

kalkano207d ago

SquareEnix told you that. Yes, it's because digital sales on PS4 are MUCH higher than digital on 3DS. It makes sense.

Kikutaro206d ago

What Square Enix actually said is the ps4 version of Dragon Quest sold above expectations on a userbase of 5 million while the 3ds version underperformed on a userbase of 24 million,they never said the ps4 version of DQXI outsold the 3ds version,only blind fanboys belive that wet dream.Japan is a very physical focused country and there is no way the digital sales of Dragon Quest XI on the PS4 sold over 300k to outperform the 3ds version.

The 10th Rider206d ago


Crazy you're getting so many disagrees. Unless they later said something else, Square Enix said that the PS4 version "outperformed" the 3DS version, which is NOT indicative of higher numbers.

Let's assume they both sold around the same: 1 million on a console with an install base of 5 million vs 1 million on a console with an install base of 23 million . . .Which one "outperformed" the other one? Clearly the first version. Even if the 3DS outsold the PS4 version 2:1 it could still be said that the PS4 version outperformed the 3DS version . . . Because it did.

As for actual numbers, we just don't know at this point. All we know is that the PS4 version did better compared to expectations than the 3DS version did compared to expectations.

Big_Game_Hunters206d ago

Square never said that, they said "stronger" as a spin word just like they said it sold through higher percent of its shipments on PS4. "Stonger" could also refer to profit.
It's clear square wants Japanese people to buy consoles because that's where their main investments are so they want to make the PS4 seem more desirable in Japan through popularity. They don't want their investors wondering why They even made a home console version. The 3DS version only exists because it had too, they would lose too many sales. Of course SE wants to push the HC version.

_-EDMIX-_206d ago


Many don't want to think about that, even with Square confirming the sales are better on PS4. The company is literally saying the sales are stronger on PS4, yet many are still trying to pretend its not happening. Basically ignoring digital sales.

@Kik,Big Game, 10th rider and the whole Nintend-Crew....-

PSN very much shows DQ likely sold more on PS4 and Square is very much confirming it did. This is very much showing that console gamers want DQ back on console and many might have bought it to very much show that they very much WANT A CONSOLE DQ TITLE!

I don't see the point in spinning all this. Square confirmed it, PSN very much shows it at number 1 in Japan AGAIN, stop getting mad at facts...

The 10th Rider205d ago


They didn't confirm it though . . . And you're the one talking about facts, LOL.

Sure the game may have sold more on PS4, but stop pretending like we know. All they said is that the PS4 version "outpreformed" the 3DS version, which means it did better relevant to expectations. Until you have info saying otherwise stop running around claiming "facts" and acting like we know for sure. Frankly I don't care which sold more, it's just an interest in sticking to what we know rather than running around claiming things that we don't know are true.

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Eonjay206d ago

Retail sales are at 2.93 million. How is that not 'near 3mil"? It can easily sell 70k this week.I just don't understand what you mean and trying to figure it out is upsetting lol. Also to close the gap, ps4 would only need 350k for a totalof 1.64 million. Digital would only be 20%.

Take a look at the chart below for 2016 and you will see that it is very likely that the digital sales of the PS4 version probably exceed 30% which easily put it above the 3DS version. It isn't word play, it isn't favoritism, its just reality of the times.

Neonridr206d ago

3DS still has digital sales too. Maybe not as high as the PS4, but it still exists.

Kikutaro206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

the Japan market is different than the us market,you can't use the statistics of the digital sales in the us market and simply assume that a physical focused market like Japan would be the same.Take Final Fantasy 15 for example,throughout Christmas and over January,it only sold over 91k digital sal

_-EDMIX-_206d ago

Buddy, they can't get over that Dragon Quest is going to sell more on PS4, Square themselves have already pretty much confirmed it. So much for that celebration of 3DS selling more copies of it.

That was fast.

Kikutaro206d ago

again,why did you keep twisting their words about the performance of two versions into the ps4 version outselling the 3ds version even when we are having clear numbers out there?

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