Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Characters Revealed, Including The Surprising Hellboy

We've been waiting to find out who will be part of the second Fighter Pack and that answer is now here with the next three fighters coming to Injustice 2.

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ShadyDevil209d ago

Wait Hellboy got added? Guess I gotta buy this now.

brokasfawk209d ago

I need to see his gameplay first

If he turns out to be as slow as doomsday then it's a no for me

monkey602209d ago

Hellboy is an awesome choice! Shame they've wasted two slots so far with sub zero and raiden though

Sciurus_vulgaris209d ago

No licensing on MK characters, since Warner Bros owns DC comics and Mortal Kombat.

andron666209d ago

Well I can't complain about Sub Zero, I'm a great fan of his. But they better not have a third MK character in the last pack...

gangsta_red209d ago

Garbage...I guess Netherrealms ran out of Batman characters to add to Injustice.

jugo14209d ago

lol I know right. I can say black manta is cool but raiden and hellboy.....sign....another mk character and I feel like hellboy will be slow. (like darkseid)

gangsta_red209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I am not mad at Black Manta but I swear it's like NR doesn't have a wealth of DC characters to pull from and they get these other two?

Raiden could have been easily swapped for Static Shock, Black Lightning or even Livewire!

Hellboy could have been The Demon Etrigon easily!

It makes no sense that NR has to pull out these gimmicks and grab from the MK pool to put in a DC fighting game.

Thefreeman012209d ago

Hellboy is just a straight up cool character that's not in many video games. What's to complain about?

AnubisG209d ago

I know it's not DC but Spawn would be a cool guest character. After all, they had the Predator and Alien in MKX

-Foxtrot209d ago

We don't have a Hellboy game because....

andron666209d ago

Unfortunately there was a bad one in 2004, never played it but it looks rough.

Maybe well get lucky when the new Hellboy movie comes around...

-Foxtrot209d ago


Without Ron Pearlman to finish his trilogy I can't even begin to care for the new one

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The story is too old to be commented.