Battlefront 2 Launches This Year – Here is What You Will Get in the Next Star Wars Game

Are you a Star Wars fan? Or do you like sci-fi games based on space? Well, if you do, then the next edition of the Star Wars Battlefront is for you and if you don’t, then you should try having a look at what it offers. The next edition of the Star Wars Battlefront and one of the most awaited game of the era, the Battlefront II is not so far away from its official release date and we just have to wait 2 more months to indulge in the fast paced, realtime action filled space wars.

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James-GAMES358d ago

Fingers crossed BF2 doesn't disappoint like BF1

358d ago
Forum_Pirate358d ago

Reasons Battlefront 2, in fact, not for me despite loving scifi and starwars.
1: EA made it
2: They're going to sell 1/6th of the game and 200 bucks of DLC to get the full experience (again)
3: DICE is too busy "trying to give it it's own identity" as a mindless action shooter instead of making a real battlefront game.
4: Did I mention nobody should buy EA games? Ever. Just stop and let the company collapse unless they change their busniess practices.