Dragon Ball FighterZ CollectorZ Edition Will Make You Go Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Fighterz will be releasing next February alongside what is known as the Dragon Ball FighterZ CollectorZ Edition.

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opinionated302d ago

Don't want the statue but I want the steel book ☹️

LA_Zeo302d ago

I know I'm gonna suck at this but I gotta have it

modelgod302d ago

It shouldn't matter if your good or not, the people who play DBZ games aren't that great. If you normally don't play a specific fighting game, then you should be ok with not being that great. Now SF and Tekken is different for me, I can honestly hurt myself or break something . If it's not YOUR game, then don't worry about it, your not expected to be great!

PaleMoonDeath302d ago

Offt, that statue is gorgeous!