Shenmue 3 E3 2015 vs Gamescom 2017 Trailers Comparison

Latest Shenmue III trailer made many of gamers worry about the graphics quality and characters models design, which seems to be heavily inspired by previous Shenmue games.
Now comparing 2015 reveal footage, even if it was not real time gameplay clearly shows differences in character’s look.
Which one do you like better?

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Neonridr240d ago

dear god the guy on the right scares me. Why did they give him such a bland expression?

Septic240d ago

The character models are much better in the latest version. Its just that the facial expressions and animations are completely jarring. They will need to sort that out if we are to feel any attachment. The environments look great though.

Still, early days I'm sure and it has already changed dramatically from the E3 2015 showing

Neonridr240d ago

oh definitely.. he just looks so darned creepy :P

Eonjay240d ago

From the interview:

Game Watch Impress: The characters facial expressions are still or, how should I put this, fixed, but this part will actually change?

Suzuki: Yes, we haven’t yet put in the facial expressions. Until a month ago, we had put in the facial animations, but for the moment, they’ve been removed.

Septic240d ago

^^Ah that's good to know. Cant wait

Babadook7240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Nice improvement imho. Looks like a classic game with a smart revision. Apparently the faces are in no way complete tho.

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SegaGamer240d ago

There was an interview with Game Watch Japan and it was posted on the Shenmue Dojo Forum. Here are the most important parts

"All charterers models are temporary and subject to change"
"Facial animations were initially implemented but have been removed about a month ago"

So, for sure, this is NOT the end product with facial animations and character models, there is still a lot of work being done, which was exactly what a lot of people said would be the case. As usual though, the gaming community do what they always do. They jumped on something and started spreading their usual negativity.

trooper_240d ago

Yeah, you can clearly see the models are getting better and better.

Never played a Shenmue game but I will definitively give this one a try.

Neonridr240d ago

I merely made an observation about the way he looks. I never once said that this would be indicative of the final product. I would hope that the devs wouldn't be that silly. You can climb down off your high horse now. It was a joke anyways..

SegaGamer240d ago


You misunderstood my post, i wasn't having a go at you or anything, i apologise if it came across that way. It was aimed more at the people looking to criticise something that is clearly still a work in progress.

frostypants240d ago

To be fair, devs shouldn't release material if they don't want it to be judged...

SegaGamer240d ago (Edited 240d ago )


There's different levels of judging something though. Some people will criticise it objectively, then you get people just being a******s and saying things like "Shenmue 3 look's like ass" ( This is literally how someone who works for Kotaku described it ) or people saying "It look's like a Dreamcast game" ( seen on here multiple times now ) or people saying "This game look's like s**t"

Criticism is fine, you don't want people to be blind fanboys and just accept something even if it look's terrible, but if you are just going to say "it look's like ass" without taking everything into consideration, then it makes your opinion worthless.

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rainslacker239d ago

Seems more to me that the lighting needs a lot of work. The model itself is pretty good as a throwback to the series roots, and I am OK with that. The lack of expression in the actual trailer is a bit worrisome at the moment, so hopefully they can refine that....possibly get the Ninja Theory guys to help out if they're available as they had some pretty good tech with the limited budget of Hellblade.

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SegaGamer240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

This joke wasn't funny the 1st time i seen it and it's not funny the 50th time either. At least come up with something more original.

theshredded240d ago

Significant improvements, it looks so much better now. Hopefully they beef up the animations though and I really hope PS sees the interest and give it enough of a budget or help with development like The Last Guardian.

antikbaka240d ago

another example that Japanese developers just can't handle crowd funded games.

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