Bungie: We Could Make Destiny at 60FPS, But It Would Be Smaller, Less Cooperative and Have Less Foes

Bungie's Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy stated that they could make a Destiny game at 60fps on consoles, but it'd be much smaller, less cooperative and have less monsters to shoot, and that's not the game they want to make.

Luckily, now there's the PC version of Destiny 2 for those who want higher frame rate.

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Aurenar363d ago

What if it's just Bungie's tech that's not up to snuff?

Cybermario363d ago

someday they will update to celeron II

slavish0363d ago

Someday they will update to dedicate servers

freshslicepizza363d ago

All one has to do is see what PC parts it takes to get it to around 60fps. I think the main problem is they don't want the game to be 720p on the Xbox One or 900p on the PS4 because they likely have to have a level playing field on all consoles for frame rates then.

Tech5363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

"What if it's just Bungie's tech that's not up to snuff?"

It's debatable how Bungie makes the tech for their games. Many Halo fans want Bungie back but not even they could make a better tech experience. from the looks of it.

elmachooo363d ago

probably not the best looking in terms of realism. Bungie has been independent for a while. we'll see what the reviews say.

UltraNova362d ago

Here I am scratching my head on how can games like bf1 and battlefront look and play on a scale like that @ 60fps on consoles....

Its my humble opinion that Bungie should hire more talented people on the visuals dep or just buy a better engine next time.

InMyOpinion362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Warframe has done more than Destiny since 2013. In 60 fps. For free.

Much more excited for Plains of Eidolon than this money grab.

da1writer362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

What's funny is some of the later comments after yours are people (outside of slavish0) who don't remember this article below stating that if they switched to full dedicated Servers (not some dumb hybrid where a few items are on a single Dedicated Server) and offloaded some items on it (since its an online only game after all), game would hit 60fps easily.

Activision/Bungie just choose not to invest in it. These aren't my words, these are their words. They choose to not invest in dedicated Servers.

It also doesn't help they are using an outdated engine still with a framework from the PS3/360 era. Going the CoD route of implementing new popsicle sticks called additional visuals effects does not count.

When you look at Battlefield 1 and Battlefront 1 and 2, both running 60fps with so much going on, it's a combination of Bungie using a crap engine and not using full dedicated Servers to offload items being their fault entirely on console. We can blame the hardware inside if many would like to seeing the PC version (with obviously better hardware) but let's not ignore other games that hit 60fps easily. Bungie is just incompetent.

One can only enjoy shooters at 60fps+ imo (especially with my PC), I feel it's mandatory for shooters, racing games, and fighters especially. They're playable mind you, just won't be as responsive as it should be. If your game does not run 60fps for a shooter in particular, you've done goofed imo.

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SierraGuy363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

Someday will update to cloud compute.

Allsystemgamer363d ago

One day the consoles will stop using really outdated processors.

UltraNova362d ago

If Sony, MS and Nintendo were to respond to your comment:

Well, tell us when you(consumers) are ready to pay 1000 dollars for an 'up-to-date' console and we'll give you one.

bluefox755362d ago

Not outdated, they were pretty much in line with entry level CPUs at the time of their release, which were the FX 4 series and FX 6 series. They are outdated now because hardware doesn't evolve. You could argue that "One day consoles will stop using cheap processors", but that would mean the price point of the console would have to increase, and unless they're willing to start taking losses on hardware again, that's not gonna happen.

0Day362d ago

Amen brother. They were bad processors in 2013. Even worse now.

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Michiel1989362d ago

The base version of ps4 and xbox are very old now. Even when they released, the hardware was of a mediocre pc at best. We are now 5 years ahead of that and it's showing.

It would be unreasonable to have bungie basically revamp their whole game for xbox x and ps4pro while such a small portion of the playerbase owns those. As for the pc version, there is no good excuse tbh.

Erik7357362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Well I hear all these things about Bungie being in competent but still to this day I find the AI to be more fun to fight in halo 3 than most of the garbage fps games you kids drool over

I think bungie likes to put resources towards AI rather than have incompetent AI. Also maybe because the environments are going to be 10x bigger than a bf1 map MAYBE just MAYBE that's why it doesn't run at 60fps?

Good you kids are so butt hurt about the PC version looking to stomp on the console version

TankCrossing362d ago

But in a game that requires you to be online, AI could and should be run server side. That's the crux of the problem here.

Erik7357362d ago

Or the cpu of ps4 bottlenecking the console with not being able to handle advance AI and a lot of them on screen but who knows 🙄

DevilishSix362d ago

I smell BS, especially for PVP. I will not believe that Destinys small PVP matches can't run 60fps when so many other games do with more players. They are lazy or their tech is garbage.

-Foxtrot362d ago

"But It Would Be Smaller, Less Cooperative and Have Less Foes"

Like the first game then...or the second. I'm sorry they seem a like I get them mixed up.

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Cybermario363d ago

considering they said this game was made from scratch, i can see the sprint and reload animations are the same as D1, they rehashed a lot of assets. I am not surprised this wont run at 60fps on PC.

Parasyte363d ago

What are you talking about? The game will run at 4K with uncapped framerates on PC.

tee_bag242363d ago

He was telling himself that to make himself feel better.. shhh you weren't meant to call him out

ONESHOTV2363d ago

"I am not surprised this won't run at 60fps on PC." on whose PC are you talking about?

badz149362d ago

That is exactly the thing people always forget to mention when comparing console games with PC. "What kind of PC?"

ImGumbyDammit362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Well over 95% of those PC's gaming rigs on Steam is what we are talking about. 4K and uncapped my a$$. That is in the 1% or less of this PC rig group. Love how PC games always pretend they are part of that very, very, very small percentage of actual rigs that can do play at that levels. Most PC gamers are like little poor kids with noses pressed against the outside window of the candy store, watching the fat little rich kid gulping up candy as they dream they too are the fat little rich kid.

Erik7357362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I actually plan on running this game at 144fps....

Lmao n4g makes me laugh so hard with the fanboys sometimes .

They are straight up hysterically mad about this and it's great to watch it and hear them blame bungie for it.

tee_bag242362d ago

Wait to you get "games running at 120fps looks the same as 60fps when I checked on YouTube"

bluefox755362d ago

Where do you get that he's a fanboy, he just seems uninformed with this comment.
@tee Apparently the average gamer can't tell the difference, they have done tests, it's not like the jump from 30 to 60, there are diminishing returns. Sorry if you don't like this information.

shaun mcwayne363d ago

Dont do it spiderman, if they take anymore out the game will be the size of the beta.

Erik7357362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I find the AI and water in halo 3 to actually look better than most games coming out today...i don't think you have a past playing bungie games do you other than Destiny?

MetroidFREAK21362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

Hmmm... Let's see. Going to a friends house in 2002 to play Halo 1's campaign was pretty fun. Halo 3 was my first online game period when my best friend got a 360 back in 2007. Playing Halo Reach with my roommate when I was in the military in the year 2012. So yes I have some experience. I completely let Destiny 1 pass over me due exclusively to the fact it runs at 30 FPS. I showed interest in Destiny 2 on PC, but also played the beta on my Xbox One and wasn't impressed what it had to offer. The 4v4 was completely uneventful, and the game balance was all over the place. Also yes, the game ran at 30 FPS. When I play the PC beta in a few days, maybe my decision will be reversed due to the uncapped frame rate of the PC version... But if the PC beta is exactly what it was on consoles, I doubt I'll still be interested

Blastoise363d ago

Hmmm I dunno about that. I'm not a tech kinda guy but when you see games like Battlefield one and Battlefront running at 60fps on both consoles...

Erik7357362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

. Battlefield has no AI really and when it does it's laughably simple compared to halo games or Destiny

. The maps are much smaller

Gitgud362d ago

BF1 and BF run at an unstable framerate. It really never hits 60, majority of the time it's 40 fps and I really hate unstable framerates.