Is The Xbox One X In Danger Of Being Dead On Arrival?

With Microsoft seemingly repeating history, find out why Screen Critics Shaun isn't optimistic about Microsoft's upcoming console.

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Christopher327d ago

But it's sold out of limited edition...

KionicWarlord222327d ago

Yeah people thirsty for da X in deez streets.

Unspoken327d ago Show
VforVideogames326d ago


Is The Xbox One X In Danger Of Being Dead On Arrival?
L O L yeah feed those fans.

RacerX326d ago

This will be the first Xbox I won't be getting at launch... Xbox, X360, and X1 were all day one for me, but I need X1X to come through with some 1st party games before I drop any more money.

Plus all the "replacement" Xbox's I've had to buy don't sit well with me anymore.

Bring on the games Ms! And then we'll talk.

326d ago
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Christopher327d ago

No. How can it be dead on arrival if all preorders are sold out? You can say low in stock, but not dead. Dead is the 1% market share in Japan, not this.

Dragonscale327d ago

They were of the extremely limited scorpio version fgs.

G20WLY326d ago

Unless they introduced another tranche of preorders, Chris, they're not sold out. This, despite their claims.

It's yet more MS PR spin and in your position, I'm surprised you're seemingly unaware.

Cobra951326d ago

The limited "Scorpio" edition is sold out. That shouldn't be too surprising, since demand is often high for special items. But . . .

". . . the Xbox One X is relegated to getting 4K updates for existing games. It’s a baffling decision that robs the console of uniqueness. Imagine trying to sell the console to mainstream users without the use of 4K (something many people don’t have at this point). The fact is that 4K is desirable doesn’t make this device anymore compelling to budget conscious users."

I fully agree with this. The only thing selling the XOX right now is 4K. Many of us don't have 4K, or particularly want it. If the user could choose where the system power goes (like better rendering or frame rate at 1080p), then it would have a wider appeal. As it stands, no exclusive XOX games, and only the 4K crowd are going to get a benefit worth somewhere near the asking price.

ImGumbyDammit326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

@G20WLY5 Then what is Sony's spin? The Pro is supposed to be 20% of all PS4 sales. Yet, this limited run, as you so rightly noted, of just the Scorpio edition sold more in 24 hours at Amazon (less than a single day) then the PS4 Pro has sold all year at Amazon. That is 1 day vs 233 days. And like you said this was a limited run and we don't know the exact number. But, the number was large enough to overrun the PS4 Pros sales up to this time. (You can down vote me all you want but this is Amazon's actual data) And yes I assume they will open up pre-orders again at Amazon and all the other online stores that have sold out. Microsoft will adjusts production schedules of the Scorpio edition or just have the regular edition up for pre-order. They be foolish not too. So. I ask again what is Sony's spin? And are you going to believe them?

Christopher326d ago


Any place that allows pre-orders online seems to say otherwise.

rainslacker326d ago


WiiU sold out of preorders, and it was pretty DOA.

G20WLY326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Now Chris, let's not imply the N4G members that have taken the time to share links to the contrary are liars. That's not nice.

It is true for some retailers in some countries.

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Eonjay327d ago

I think the real question is what happens after launch.

timotim327d ago

Well...Microsoft needs to continue to fix its issue they have had this year with slow first party releases. Sea of Thieves, Below, Crackdown 3 will all be good in the first half of 2018. Then its up to them to push 3rd party devs to push there best work (on consoles) for X. All indications points to devs using X to make there best multiplats going forward.

gamer7804327d ago

Tons of games are supporting it now. Tomb raider looks amazing

RosweeSon327d ago

Months and months without games, standard for Xbox this gen

Kribwalker326d ago (Edited 326d ago )


There's not a single month that hasn't seen new games to play on my Xbox. Lack of exclusive games yes, but there's no lack of games to play. And all major releases this fall will be available as well, with the best version available on the OneX

rainslacker326d ago

I'd imagine months of assumption and speculation on the actual sales of the console from the forum goers, coupled with some fancy PR talk from MS which will talk about how popular it is with no actual quantitative data to support their claim.

Just a hunch.

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chickensandwich1991327d ago

im from the netherlands and all major retailers are still taking pre orders

Cryptcuzz327d ago

Uh oh.

Curious how it'll sale on launch.

If PS4 still win in sales on launch and the holidays, I can see major shake-ups at Xbox after.

Gh05t327d ago

If it was DOA "limited" would still not be bought. There is a market for the console it isn't DOA and people can move the goal post all they want but just like this author they asked a question but didn't explain what DOA was to them. By what parameters is a premium console considered DOA?

chickensandwich1991327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

very limited they said

KickSpinFilter327d ago

Not to rain on your parade but it's probably a limited edition quantity of 500,000 to a million and I'm sure Amazon did not get them all to sell. So Amazon probably had 200,000.

Christopher327d ago

So Amazon sold out of 200k in less than a day months before it will release? Sounds pretty good to me. Pro wishes it had those numbers when it was cheaper.

UltraNova327d ago


If Sony sells around 15 million ps4s during 2017 that means atleast 3 million will be Pros. That ratio will soon start to tip in favour of the Pro as we reach the end of this gen. So please, let know when the xb1 x does numbers like that, on a yearly basis.

Gh05t327d ago

It won't but then again who is expecting the Xbox to sell as much as a PS right now? And just because it doesn't sell as much as PS does not mean it's DOA. DOA means no one wants it, selling 500,000 preorder before launch means there is a premium market for it.

Christopher326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

@Ultra please point out where I said Xbox would sell more than PlayStation. Saying it will do well doesn't mean it will be the best. But it's definitely not 'dead on arrival'.

KickSpinFilter326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Based on previous Limited edition launches it's usually around 200,000 total, so that being said Amazon would only have a fraction of that. My 500,000 - 1 Million earlier guess was a very robust number.

rainslacker326d ago


I know you're smart enough to not use pre-order sell-outs as some kind of indicator of actual appeal of a major console.

It's great they have an audience, and I truly don't believe it'll be DOA because I think MS is probably not expecting it to sell as well as the stock console, but that also means they're not going to make more than they believe they'll sell, so they'll probably keep stock low to begin with. That doesn't equate to DOA, but it doesn't mean it's going to be this huge seller either.

UltraNova326d ago (Edited 326d ago )


Never said the xb1x would sell bad nor that it will be DOA. I actually believe it will sell just fine in the same way as the PS4 Pro is but with platform proportional sale numbers.

"Pro wishes it had those numbers when it was cheaper."

Since when does one day sale numbers dictate anything much less a winner? I guess the Wii U existed solely in my mind then...

That said the Pro has the numbers where they matter, on a steady monthly fashion not just on day one (3 million in 12 months is 250K per month)- numbers that are poised to increase due to price cuts and the ever expanding portfolio of all 3rd party games and true exclusives (+VR). Thats what I call a safe bet when it comes to sale predictions. Can you honestly say the same for the xb1x?

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Shakengandulf327d ago

And how many numbers is that?

Gh05t327d ago

How many numbers is DOA?

butchertroll327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Where? Looks like here isn't

Jez Corden said that it's sold out everywhere?
His tweet "ahead of expectations" is based on UK market only :

And how many units were available for preorders too? THAT'S THE MAIN QUESTION
And 2nd question is what were MS's expectations for XboneX preorders?

CaptainObvious878327d ago

Unfortunately, all the die hards will buy it of course and continue to ignore and downplay all ms major problems, much like ninty fans do wth ninty.

So we might see marginal sales, but software sales aren't going to increase because it's selling to people that already have a xbone.

And considering how much ms would have spent on this and that they're selling the xox at a loss, I think it's already a failure and a huge waste of money that couldn't have gone towards exclusives instead.

RosweeSon327d ago

Yeah because mosts places are getting 1... my local store we got 1 for pre order... 1? Microsoft trying the artificial demand route 🙄✌🏻

Chris12327d ago

Your local store > global audience. I despair sometimes.

326d ago
zivtheawesome327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

NEVER and i mean EVER base your expectations on pre orders (especially when the pre orders just started) as you don't know how much pre orders were on and that the early crowd doesn't hint at the actual sales.

tontontam0326d ago

bubububuuuut the userbase did not expand those who bought the limited edition already have an xbox one and an xbox one s.

holtzy326d ago

sorry to tell you this but pretty much every console sold out on the only thing that means is that the people that wanted it got it. the real question is how will it sell in six months from now. so a console selling out at first means nothing.

Christopher326d ago

Read the article which said dead on arrival and to which I am replying. No one said it would be the best selling, but it's definitely not dead on arrival either.

Rude-ro326d ago

Day one editions were sold out too!! Although available for almost year after said claims.

saint_seya326d ago

Wow that was so rude of you ro xDDDDDDDD


and how many units were there? all consoles sell out at preorders, including Wii U!

That prooves nothing!

326d ago
Foxhound922326d ago

To all the people saying preorders are sold out. News flash...they aren't. Only the limited edition is sold out on Amazon. Almost all other retailers have units available.

ziggurcat326d ago

I am kind of upset that I missed the window to pre-order the limited edition version... stupid waking up too late, and seeing the notification after it had already sold out...

BadElf326d ago

lol but all the fools on this site wont get that!

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ninsigma327d ago

Nope. It's gonna sell very well at launch.

RosweeSon327d ago

Yeah exactly that's great it'll sell very well at launch be a pretty big problem if they didn't however once the fans or exsisting customers have upgraded what then. Sales will trail off and until games start arriving console will just be in limbo again stuck with yearly churns

Gh05t326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

The key words are "DEAD" on "ARRIVAL" if it sells well at launch it means that it was not DOA...

Where did you people learn how to comprehend the vocabulary you use?

Dragonscale326d ago

Maybe at launch, even vanilla xbone sold well at launch. Its after launch you need to worry about.

ninsigma326d ago

@people above
I agree. I can't see it turning things around or doing extremely well past the launch. I'm just commenting within the context of the article.

Condemnedman327d ago

"microsoft hasn't been clear who the X is for" serious gamers who want power there you go sorted

nX327d ago

If you're so serious about gaming why don't you get a PC...? With Xbox you're missing out on the best games.

ThinkThink327d ago

Serious question nX, Why would you get a PC when you can get an xbox one x for 500 dollars? So much cheaper and easier than having to deal with all of that other stuff. I mean, if you have the extra time and money and are less concerned with convenience.. then, i guess but even then.. I just don't see a reason to own a PC for gaming. If you have a PC already, then sure but to buy a PC specifically for gaming seems unnecessary. But, if that's how you want to spend your money, who am I to tell you different. I just want you to be happy nX.

zb1ftw777327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

Games on PC are either junk, or don't require any kind of high end power whatsoever.

Name me 5 triple A blockbuster games on the PC that utilise all the power of the PC and run at 4K 60fps.

I'll be waiting for your answer...

Lennoxb63327d ago

Most people can't afford and/or build a PC on par with the One X. Or even beyond it.

Doomeduk327d ago

@zb1 does 4k mean that much to you? So if fighter within got a graphics upgrade you'd be shouting that from the roof tops?
I play the total war series so Xbox no use to me
PlayStation and PC makes me a happy chappy

RedSalmon327d ago


"Games on PC are either junk, or don't require any kind of high end power whatsoever.

Name me 5 triple A blockbuster games on the PC that utilise all the power of the PC and run at 4K 60fps.

I'll be waiting for your answer..."

Let's analyze.

1."Games on PC are junk."

Ummmm, no. Xbone has a shitty line up of games compared to even Playstation (that's why it's losing), never mind the massive array of games (from awful to amazing tbh) on PC. You need to get off the crack mate.

2. "or don't require any kind of high end power whatsoever"

Some do and some don't - like xbone. AMAZING DEDUCTION that different game require different levels of power. You are a genius.

3. "Name me 5 triple A blockbuster games on the PC that utilize all the power of the PC and run at 4K 60fps."

This is a such an open question, but also a very specific set of requirements: Define AAA, many games run at 4K 60fps but don't "utilise all the power of the PC" - which is great, some game "utilise all the power of the PC" but don't run at 4K 60fps, and their are tons of AAA blockbuster games on PC that run in all sorts of resolutions. That's what makes PC so useful / good.

A list of games that meet your very specific requirements? Lots of game run at 4K 60fps - Tomb Raider, Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor, Advanced Warfare, Es5, GTA5, Destiny 2 will be able to, MG5.

Do they "utilise all the power of the PC"? Some of the time while playing them, yes.

If I want a box, with a limited line up of content, that just works no effort required, and be forced to buy another 3 or so years later? (although they seem to be selling games needed patches even on consoles these days) Well, I'd get a PS4 Pro to be honest. Otherwise, PC every time.

LastCenturyRob327d ago

Why on earth pay for a pc where the games are rarely optimized and far too many times cross plats play better on console.

dms5223326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Love this question.

I'd rather the developers fine tune their software to run the best it can on my hardware rather than the opposite (me having to optimize my hardware for their software). I'm lazy. I also don't wanna be tempted to upgrading this and that every year or every other year. I just want to plug in a box to my TV and not think about it but I still want excellent performance and I don't want to spend $1000 (edit: just saw the other front page article - actually it would cost $1600 for the same performance per that article).

Dragonscale326d ago

@think, with 500 bux I wouldn't get a scorpio lol.

Cueil326d ago

Some people don't want to play on PC. I'm not sure why people find this so hard to understand. There are millions of gamers who don't want to deal with PC game despite how much it's matured