Rise Of The Tomb Raider Dev Praises Xbox One X; Added Hardware Made Native 4K Possible

Crystal Dynamics and Rise Of The Tomb Raider Dev praised the Xbox One X in a Gamescom 2017 interview. He confirmed many things in the interview including that “With the addition of native 4K support, this is going to be the highest fidelity that we’ve been able to deliver in a Tomb Raider game.”

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timotim183d ago

I remember hearing how X wouldn't be able to do native 4k in a AAA game...glad CD and others are able to prove those guys wrong. These mid-gen consoles have one purpose play ALL content of the standard models at higher fidelity without sacrificing performance...looks like X is doing just that.

Sunny_D182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

"play ALL content of the standard models at higher fidelity without sacrificing performance...looks like X is doing just that."

But wasn't 4k what they were promising? Assassin's Creed isn't...

timotim182d ago

LOL...You quote me, yet no where in the quote do I say anything about 4k... why are you replying to me again?

And no, 4k for every game was never promised, if you believe that it was then show your proof. Microsoft made it quite clear from the onset that devs could use X however they saw fit in terms of power. Not every game is meant to be 4k...but even before X hits the streets, it already has way more native 4k games than Pro...

itsmebryan182d ago

What did the PS4 pro promise and what has it delivered?

Bruh182d ago

They're scaling a game at 900p on both PS4 and One to a near 4K resolution...not to mention Anvil Next is a very demanding engine

OffRoadKing182d ago

Rather 4k was promised or made implicit by the consoles marketing, I think its reasonable to expect a console marketed as "The Beast" and "the most powerful console every" to be able to run all its games in native 4K. But maybe we were all wrong and "higher fidelity" as you suggest is all we can reasonably expect for its $500 price tag.

timotim182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

But it is the most powerful console a large amount. That doesn't negate the fact that devs are still allowed to use it however they see fit. What your personal feelings are about it does not matter. One could feel that the Pro should be running every game at 4k, but it doesn't, and no one ever said it would. When you say "we were all wrong", maybe you are referring to Sony fanboys only? In that case, it wouldn't be the first time...

OffRoadKing181d ago


Cool that's great be sure to tell all your friends how many T floppies you have, meanwhile the rest of us will be playing actual games. My "personal feelings", that's odd because my "personal feelings" seem to be echoed by many other people on this very site. One could say that, but I dont recall Sony calling the Pro "The Beast" and making outrageous claims, then again they never un-boxed it with white gloves on either, that kind of idiocy is reserved for Microsoft and its over the hill PR guys. As far as the "wouldn't be the first time" comment is concerned well, that's more then a bit ironic coming from you, then again you guys are probably so used to being wrong you dont even recognize it anymore.

timotim181d ago

Who said anything about T flops??? 6 TF means nothing without real word performance...thats what I care about...thats what this article speaks towards.

And I'm sorry to have to break this to you but...3rd party games are "actual games" too haha. And it looks like X will be playing them better than any other console on the market. Then add to that Forza 7, Cuphead, Ori 2, State of Decay 2, Super Lucky's Tale and others and you have "actual games" for first and 3rd party.

Lol...everyone and there mom knows this site is overwhelmed by Sony fanboys so you attempting to tell me what others "echo" around these parts is pointless. This isn't about a popularity contest.

Microsoft never called X "a beast"...what you are referring to is a line from the reveal vid where one of the architects says at the very end..."it's a monster". He was talking about the specs of the system... "BEAST" is something the fans of Xbox started using and ran with it, not Microsoft. However, both Microsoft AND Sony called there respective mid-gens "the most powerful console ever", and both were factual for the time they said it.

Everything else you said was a bunch of nothing. More of you being emotional because you don't like positivity around Xbox. You need to grow up buddy.

OffRoadKing181d ago

You mean those third party games you can play on PC? Looking like it will play them better and actually doing it are two entirely different things but I realize you xbox fanboys think you can see the future. Thanks for listing all those PC games. What game do I need to buy that I can only play on xbone x? Everyone and their mom knows theres just as many xbone fanboys like yourself here at this site so nice try. Microsoft has referred to the console as the beast and what difference is it rather they call it a monster or a beast if its either one it should have no problem running everything in 4K and 60fps which it clearly cant do. I dont know why you're getting all upset and emotional but I suspect it cause I dont subscribe to brand loyalty like yourself and praise everything Microsoft does. You should get over it and grow up, "buddy".

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Derceto183d ago

Impressive. You managed to get a 2 year old game to run at 4K. Wow.

Darkwatchman182d ago

It's a current generation game running on a current generation engine. The fact that it can run it at a native 4K resolution is impressive when you consider the only competition it has, the ps4 pro can not do native 4K for current gen games and engines. Only for last gen games and engines.

Cupofjoe182d ago

Another untrue statement theres several native 4k new gen games on pro

Darkwatchman182d ago

@the people replying to me being offended, the only actual native 4K current gen games are the sports games. NBA, FIFA, PES, etc...anything else utilizing actual modern tech and rendering features is not capable of rendering native 4K on the ps4 pro. There are technically current gen games that run native 4K like thumper, but that's clearly a much more simplistic game to render than a game like Rise of The Tomb Raider. Anything built for current get that is native 4K is either a simple 2D/pixel art game like Sonic Mania or a simplistic game with not much intensive stuff to render like Thumper. Anything ACTUALLY for current gen machines will only ever be able to reach 4K through use of checkerboard rendering like Horizon: Zero Dawn; not nativ resolution.

Heck, compare the pro version of Titanfall 2 which is 1440p to respawn's statements about the One X version being native 4K and depending on the map and mode, internally rendering as high as 6k before downsampling to a 4K screen.

CLEARLY the Xbox One X is a much more capable machine that will be capable of delivering native 4K resolution on several ps4 pro titles that couldn't achieve it UNLESS devs choose to instead use the hardware to render at a lower than native 4K, but use the extra resources to push visual effects and settings even further than they already could.

OffRoadKing181d ago

People weren't replying to you because they were offended they replied to you because you're wrong and once you got showed you were wrong you made up a bunch of excuses. Just take the L and move on.

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DoubleM70182d ago

LMAO...Battlefield COD Native 4k...Madden native 4k 2k18 native The hate is real.

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itsmebryan182d ago

But, the funny thing is that the Pro can't get a 2 year old games as well as the X1X. Have seen the comparison video?

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Italiano1234567183d ago

And what does that matter when ur high budget game sells like shit on xbox

DoubleM70182d ago

More Hate.. This is about Native 4k ....Hate..Hate. Just stop.

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