Ubisoft Confirms Ship Battles, Large Naval Experience in Assassin's Creed Origins

Since the Black Flag team is working on Assassin's Creed Origins, you may be wondering if ship battles will be returning once more.

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Sam Fisher392d ago

Whats the point in bare & bones?

Zerito392d ago

I guess the multiplayer ?? Tbh i'm more interested in story, like boarding ships like a pirate and so on ! But that game instead is multiplayer like aim and shoot, so i'll just play in this one and skip that one !

Lighter9392d ago

You had to put spoilers in your headline? Some people want to be surprised.

RuleNumber5392d ago

It's a feature in the game, you know like combat, traversal, customization, etc. it is hardly a spoiler

Razzer392d ago

Hell yeah! Love AC ship battles!

smolinsk392d ago

It really sucks that you can not go inland and exploere, they really blew a big chance to make a great Pirate game sid meiers style. gonna be a pass from me, with only ship battles and not even bording other ships, its gonna get boring really fast.

RuleNumber5391d ago

They didn't say players couldn't board ships.

smolinsk391d ago

But haven't seen it either, no matter what this game is gonna end up like for honor