Super NES Classic preorders have officially begun – Here's how to get one

These suckers are selling out fast so be sure to secure your place in line.

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Nodoze359d ago

Yet another Nintendo Cluster [email protected]#%!! Thanks again for making like 100 of the damn things Nintendo. Typical. I swear I think the executives are scalping these damn things themselves.

deafdani359d ago

100? Come on, man, don't exxaggerate.

They made 105.

Neonridr359d ago

104 after you take away the one I got :P

The 10th Rider358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Personally I'm holding off for now and hoping that demand dies down a bit when people realize it's not quite as rare as the NES Classic.

With the NES classic they were only planning on making 2 million or so, as it was intended to be a novelty item and they didn't expect such high demand. This time around I expect it to remain a hot commodity through the holidays, but since production is planned longer and they're planning on producing more I'm expecting them to be much easier to find after people realize it's not nearly as scarce as the NES classic was.

Nodoze359d ago

Special shout out to the target website - thanks for Fing up my preorder.

Mastajaja359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

DUDE No SHIT!!! order went through and everything then poof! No recent orders

Nodoze359d ago

Their site clearly went belly up and now they are trying to cover that up. Not able to handle the load. At one point it showed I had 4 in my cart and then boom saved for later and then out of stock. I am sure someone got lucky and is not getting 500 of them, but man this is so beyond frustrating and NINTENDO is to blame for this.

People by nature want what they cannot have. Case in point here.

addictedtochaos359d ago

GameStop still has no listing for it. Either they haven't started taking preorders yet or they aren't going to.

MetalProxy359d ago

I just went to Gamestop a few minutes ago and preordered it in person. Doesn't hurt to call them and see.


I went to gamestop an hour ago and they told me they are not doing pre orders. They say it's first come first serve.

SmielmaN359d ago

wife and I went in to preorder in person today too. lucky to know the managers well. gave me the tip off early

addictedtochaos358d ago

My local GameStop was allocated 6, I was one of the lucky ones.

innocentrebel359d ago

Went to my Gamestop, pre orders were gone. Asked how many they had to pre order, he said 2.

monkey602359d ago

Gamestop here took preorders the day after the announcement. I've had one ordered for about about 2 or 3 months now.



Amazon US is our last hope. They still,haven't went up for pre order yet. Target and best buys screwed me over.

lunatic0001359d ago

I thought they went up last night?


I didn't see them go up at all on Amazon but then again I wasn't watching all night. I,am a,prime member and set up for alerts and I haven't received an alert. I'll keep watching.

AirJohnston359d ago

They went up at like 4 in the morning on a separate listing than the one that's been up for months. Insane

rashada07359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

To get one? You need a DeLorean- get it up to 88 mph and go back to yesterday.

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The story is too old to be commented.