Thanks for Killing Mass Effect, Bioware

BioWare may have created Mass Effect, but it also killed it. The series had its moment, but now it has been sent off to die because of one big mistake.

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ZaWarudo357d ago

Quick to lay the blame on BioWare. I'm sure EA influence is what damaged the series.

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DrShoe357d ago

Nah! The blame lies with Bioware. They wanted to pander to dangerhairs and SJW creeps and they delivered one of the most disappointing games in recent memory.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

I mean what does that actually have to do with the technical issues with this game? What does that also have to do with a game clearly being rushed in an incomplete state? That is more salt up to the publisher.

Please stop using your hate on this platform to push some sort of agenda.

To my understanding most of bioware's games have had characters that were homosexual or of different demographics.... I don't think that really has anything to do with this game's shortcomings in regards to the plethora of technical issues.

ThatGuyDart357d ago


I agree. Andromeda was not a terrible game by any means. Aside from obvious technical issues and facial animations, I enjoyed it fine. Does it stand up to any of the games in the original trilogy? No. However there were many positives about Andromeda that people choose to ignore.

I place blame on EA as well. Clearly the BioWare team that is now working on Anthem SHOULD have been the development team of this beloved franchise. EA chose the $$$ like always and put all their talent on a online service game that they want to rival Destiny.

Jaypi03356d ago

@DrShoe You can't really blame the technical issues of the game on "SJW" the game has been appealing to people of all sexual orientations since "SJWs" were even a thing to hate on.

_-EDMIX-_356d ago

@ThatGuy- Agreed. EA wanted to have their cake and eat it too. I think they wanted a new IP, but clearly wanted another Mass Effect, I'm sure that team really, really wanted to make a great Mass Effect and EA wanted to have one made, but them rushing it out only shows that they didn't care about all the corners being cut to get this game out.

They delayed it a few times, but clearly this game had some HUGE issues that some delays just couldn't fix, they maybe need to delay it longer cause those technical issues are just ridiculous

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frostypants356d ago

The people at Bioware who made ME1/2/3 were mostly not even involved in ME4. It *was* EA. Bioware as a company is literally not what they were.

stefan_771356d ago

Most of its development was over 18 months. I'd blame Bioware for that

Born2Game83356d ago

Another blind hater without any reason I see. Now I see how EA managed to win worst company of the year even though there are other companies that ruin peoples lives. But hey gotta have my video game right.

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FallenAngel1984357d ago

More like a lot of big mistakes

INMATEofARKHAM357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Agreed. To me it died with the original ending of ME3... If you fancy yourself the best storytellers in gaming you cannot have the ending so mucked up that our fans call you out on all the mistakes in the canon. (Not to mention the ending not making any sense in general and certainly not for the tone set forth by the previous 2.9 games.)

I just got the feeling they did care anymore and that I shouldn't either...

Armaggedon357d ago

The ending did make sense eith the other two games
Mass Effect 1- Shepard learns of indoctrination from key characters such as Benezia, rana, and Saren.

Mass Effect 2- Shepard sees more of the reapers power and is pressured to dubmit by harbinger and his collector thralls. "Your mind will be mine" being something that harbinger always taunts Shepard with. Arrival dlc gives him a good bathing in forces that can easily kick start the process.

Mass Effect 3- Shepard s mind slowly begins to be affected by indoctrination. In the end, you have the choice to make a decision that two indoctrinated enemies made, which they thought was correct (Saren=synthesis and TIM =control), or you can choose to resist indoctrination,thus showing the reapers that their greatest weapon is not unstoppable.

See, the three games tie in beautifully

CaptainObvious878356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I hope this will be a lesson to other developers that pander to sexist, racist SJWs and hire people based on their reproductive organs and orientation, instead of, you know, hiring based on merit and experience.

And then the sexists still weren't happy.

obidanshinobi357d ago

Everything EA touches eventually turns to shit.
It's inevitable in the gaming industry with the way big AAA games are designed now.
Season Passes, micro transactions, MOBA and MMORPG repetitive gameplay systems in single player games, forced online, games using the same mechanics so they all feel the same, shoehorning in crafting and collecting mechanics, DLC, you rarely feel like you're getting a full game on release for $60 / £40.
There's been a huge lack of gameplay innovation this gen, I feel that the obsession with resolution and frame rates have allowed developers to not focus on gameplay innovation and instead just sell the game on the quality of the graphics.

Movefasta1993357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I wish Sony had bought bioware ,or cd project red.

DrShoe357d ago

Bioware under Sony would have created one of the greatest games ever made. It's a real shame that Bioware ended up the way it has. Thanks EA! Thanks SJWs.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

I agree that with the focus on one platform and under a publisher that is very open about giving creators a lot of freedom in room to create that Sony probably would have done a better job as publisher for this series.

I actually disagree that it had anything to do with social justice Warriors that ruin the game I would argue that simply bad development ruined this game.

Social justice Warriors have nothing to do with just pure bad development it's clear there are many many mistakes made on the technical side in even the storytelling of this game.

I'm being all the technical bugs in issues revolving around this game have nothing to do with social justice Warriors.

This is just a bad entry.

It would have been that regardless of what they did with some of those homosexual characters.

Retard357d ago


Want to know what some of the first things that needed to be addressed as expressed by BW/EA?

-need to fix gay sex scenes
-address conversation dialog of Hainley Abrams to correctly convey transgender quality
-change Jaal into a bisexual alien

Right, not SJW thinking there, we all give a flying squirrel for those updates.

kevnb357d ago

cd project red buying bioware would have been sweet.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

Does anyone actually know any series that has no bad games ever?

This game was made by a team that wasn't the main Bioware team that made the other Mass Effects...

I don't think 1 bad game is going to "kill" a series, theses articles are getting just ridiculous. Folks can blame EA for pushing a game without its main team....yes, they are to blame for that, but its not as if the people who make Mass Effect in terms of 1-3 have just suddenly died.

I'm sure the main team has ideas for another Mass Effect after Anthem has released. I don't see the point in pretending that EA killed the series when more Mass Effect titles have been done under EA then without....

So those who are angry about the series so called "dying" or being "killed" etc....consider many of you are even calling it a series ie acknowledging 2 and 3 in the first place.

If you only liked Mass Effect 1 under MS, why on earth would you even care 10 years after the release of playing only 1 game?

Cry over 2, cry over 3, sure cry over Andromeda, but at some point you folks might need to legit move on. imho I'd say the best Mass Effect's were made under EA, not MS.

Hate EA all you want folks, but reading many articles on here ,its clear that many favor Mass Effect 2....a EA game.

GrimReaperGamer357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

"Does anyone actually know any series that has no bad games ever?"

- Uncharted
- Halo
- God Of War
- Gears Of War
- Max Payne
- Grand Theft Auto
- Donkey Kong Country
- Super Smash Bros
- Ratchet & Clank
- Yakuza
- Doom
- Wolfenstein

Would you like me to keep going?

gamer7804357d ago

max payne was good until rockstar bought it.

Movefasta1993357d ago

I agree ,some of those franchises you listed had some disappointing sequels,but they were still Decent at least.

Sam Fisher357d ago

Sorry but you list is subjective, in regards to halo. Halo died right after bungie left, i played the new halos, halo 5 story sucks.

_-EDMIX-_357d ago

I mean the list of games you provided show a perfect example of exactly what I'm talking about.

Halo? All the fans I talk to about that game have their own complex version of entries that I should play or avoid.

Did everyone suddenly forget Uncharted 3? Are you literally going to pretend that Max Payne 3 is anything like the first two titles?

Donkey Kong Country? You mean when they release Donkey Kong returns which played almost nothing like the originals in by a team that never made a Donkey Kong game? Throw in Star Fox Zero throw in Paper Mario Color Splash or pretty much any Paper Mario after Thousand Year Door.

Yakuza? So we're just going to ignore that strange zombie game that they released?

The point I'm trying to make is that every single game series when you get past the specific amount is going to get a dud here in there.

Mass Effect simply got theirs for the first time.

I think if anything these articles that keeps showing up over and over again only proved the testament of just how passionate those fans are about Mass Effect, if you really look at gaming in regards to series that have gone on for a very long time over 10 years or so you'll realize that if you have four or five inch Rays chances are one or two of those games with likely not as good as another entry.

Mind you I like all the series that you listed but I completely disagree that any of those series had zero games that happened to be bad.

For what it's worth I seriously don't believe Mass Effect Andromeda is seriously that bad because most of the people I come across who play it on PlayStation Network tell me they actually really enjoy it.

All that's happened here today is Mass Effect has just passed a gaming rite of passage lol

Jaypi03356d ago

@EDMIX I agree with you, but a lot of gamers tend to just go with popular opinion than to try things themselves. It's probably due to all the game releases, it's easier to brush off Mass Effect: Andromeda because some people didn't like the tech, EA, the inclusiveness, or something, than it is to take the time to get the game, play it, and form an honest opinion on it. It's even easier when you got a publisher who people easy see as a "bad guy" in the industry or they have some other games that aren't having those issues.

EA isn't as bad as people make them out to be, their one of the best companies to work for if you're apart of the LGBT community, but I know that automatically triggers people and they just see red and "SJW" so I won't go into that. While i do think ME:A may've been rushed due to maybe constraints they placed on Bioware it was also Bioware's responsibility to make a decent product, something they failed to do.

Games like Titanfall 2 end up amazing but they're published by EA, Dragon Age Inqusition was pretty good and it's by EA, so what's the excuse this time around?

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