Microsoft's Gamescom Presentation Was a Vain Attempt at Selling Xbox One X

Twinfinite writes "In its final sales pitch to prospective customers, Microsoft failed to convince that the Xbox One X is anything but an expensive niche product that there’s very little reason to own this fall."

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MetalProxy116d ago

A fart is more like it lol

Unspoken116d ago

Do you have your own opinion? Or do you borrow all of your ideas from Eurogamer...

Unspoken116d ago

Just stop the fake indifference and fully accept this new console is going to be next level. The architecture and engineering alone is amazing! It's what I wanted the original Xbox One to be, but now it's here. 4K has been out for years now and we finally have a worthy machine for it. I still applaud MS for pushing through all the hate and making a solid foundation. Sure their marketing team could take a page from the Surface division, but again the hardware, software and services are rock solid.

Xbox services like Live, Games with Gold, Play Anywhere, Game Pass, new titles on the horizon, enhanced titles for X, and more and more BC. Their exclusives have received tons of support and polish and further enhancements. Patches bring new features and speed to the OS. The design language is copied throughout the tech industry.

It's a great time to be a gamer.

BiggerBoss116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


The console is anything but next level. As of right now, the ONLY selling point is that it runs multi-platform games in 4K. There's ZERO compelling exclusives releasing for it this year, and nothing interesting in the pipeline until at least late 2018.

If anything, the console just screams "WAIT UNTIL A PRICE CUT!"

Unspoken116d ago

The only selling point is the new console plays games at a higher visual and audio fidelity? You don't say?! What did you want it to do, play TV and Kinect to your entertainment system all while using voice commands?

If you can't afford it, sure wait until the price drop by all means. But for any original Xbox owners, with 1080p or 4K screen, or if you aren't running a high end Windows rig, or you just want to get into Microsoft's fantastic eco system, or you just want the BEST tech in console gaming right now, this is the system to get, no doubts.

Already sold my S.

notachance116d ago


X isn't here for a few months, so why did you already sell your S?
no games to play while you're waiting?

bouzebbal116d ago

"The only selling point is the new console plays games at a higher visual and audio fidelity"

you make it sound like the same game looks like a gameboy game on all the remaining consoles.
only the first comparison videos will show if there is realy improvement. devs will put more ressources into it only if it is successful and as of today nobody sees that happening.
Games look great on either x1, PS4 or Pro. No need to pay 500$ for minimal improvement, if any!!!!

Unspoken116d ago

Nah, I'm going to wait and savor all the 4K and enhanced gameplay in less than 3 months, it'll taste great with your fanboy tears.

Plus my gaming rig will tide me over. :)

yeahright2116d ago

@unspoken, you seem to be putting a lot of your hopes on the X. You're really trying to convince people that this is the second coming.
So if it comes out and doesn't set the world on fire... what then?

Unspoken114d ago

I'll still get to enjoy awesome games that look great? I don't really see how I lose in your scenario.

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Zeref116d ago

and yet it sold out everywhere on stock that should have lasted a week 🤔

UCForce116d ago

I don't know for sure, but Microsoft push Xbox One X marketing like next gen. Even I know Xbox One X is mid gen, Microsoft want to be top of all.

reborn1213116d ago

stock that should have lasted a week? no. it was put out in very limited quantities.

Prince-Ali116d ago

should have lasted a week..? looooooool... so were jsut coming up with BS then yeah..? Its only sold out its 'project scorpio' edition! which is in limited circulation! are you realllyyy that desperate to defend!?

Dark_Knightmare2116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Preorders don't mean anything especially when it's a super limited edition console of course it's going to sell out it's nothing amazing

Zeref116d ago


Nope, it's just that early pre-orders get the Scorpio edition.
It was not "JUST" the scorpio editions that are on pre-order.

This is Xbox One S all over again. People claimed they only sold out because it had limited stock then it won 2 NPD months in a row.

Also this information comes from Jez Corden.

Markusb33116d ago

It's readily available in the uk and all over Europe. Only the Scorpio edition sold out and there are no official numbers on pre orders. No one thought fans wouldn't upgrade or the console wouldn't sell. Just nothing will change to the current market share and current trends will continue.

LastCenturyRob116d ago

No worries Zeref.....PS4Pro trolls are just upset they bought an under powered console that isn't selling very well, so it will most likely never reach its limited, full potential..

ratcha116d ago

@Rob from the last century (lol)
what you call underpower is still just the most powerful until the X comes out. Even then you will come to realize that though the difference "substantial", it is not like night and day like some assume. Also dont be naive. The cycle will continue eventually: ps5 will come, x2 will too, then ps6....and so on. So at the end of day it all comes down to preferences + attractiveness (games, price, fanbase size, etc). GAME ON

King_Lothric115d ago

Same as the Wii U did and end up being garbage.

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shloobmm3116d ago

in vain wold mean it didn't help. Yet it sold out in an hour at most retailers.

LastCenturyRob116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I think the pre orders..unless increased are literally sold out everywhere now.

Neonridr116d ago

Didn't the Pro have a ho-hum reveal at their special event too? Hard to convince people how great these machines are when you are watching a 1080p (if that) video feed. MS could have at least done a better attempt at showcasing the differences..

-Foxtrot116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Yeah but the Pro wasn't hyped up to be an amazing, solid beast of a machine like the Xbox One X.

Sony didn't let the hype get too much out of hand and they didn't say too much

Obscure_Observer116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


Microsoft´s poor show at Gamescom doesn´t change that fact that Xbox One X is an impressive machine. Imo, Black Desert @native 4K, Recore Definitive Edition, and Rise of Tomb Rider @native 4K with superior graphics and effects when compared with the PC version @native 4K will not make anyone cancel their pre-orders.

Neonridr116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I remember plenty of articles around here after the reveal that questioned the whole PS4 Pro show and that they didn't do a good enough job showing off why it was worth upgrading. Anyways, those who wanted an X weren't sold by this show anyways. They were sold long before.

thekhurg116d ago

Obscure please troll elsewhere.

Bigpappy116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Still a beast. What does a bad Gamescom have to with the fact that X1X is a true Beast?
The pro disappointed without hype. That is because Sony did not give it any real value other than being more powerful than the base. Did even release with 5 enhanced games. Boost mode was not even ready at launch. Already behind the X in support and the X hasn't even released yet.
Come on man, just give up that fight. This is a lose, lose situation.

trooper_116d ago


It also doesn't change the fact it's an impressive console with no games.

2600Thunder116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

No, 2-4k/30fps is not a beast. Also not a beast when lacking exclusives. People will be building 2k-4k/30fps x86 clones when the xbonex releases to measure cost-per-frame, ultra effects, real 4k vs dynamic, etc. Remember not all games will be 4k/30fps with max graphical effects. And devs keep forgetting that many of us would like a solid 1080p/60 option on these dynamic 4k touted console games.

It would be out of character for MS to do gamers any favors.

Unspoken116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

They couldn't hype it up. It's no where near as powerful and they would have been laughed at. Sony was afraid and worried it would split it's fan base, because Sony fans were so up in arms about resolution and having to buy another console.

What it comes down to is the difference between the original Xbox One and X. It's so drastic and focused on what gamers wanted; power packed, compact, with minimal frills.

It's an excellent base to begin a new era, with no one left behind and including PC to boot. Enhanced titles, Play Anywhere, Game Pass, Live, Gold, and tons of BC. I can wait for more titles to be published by MS. I have so many still left to finish and multiplayer games to come back to time and time again.

hamburgerhill116d ago

Foxtrot, You're trying way to hard and honestly starting to sound way to bias and ignorant! X1X is a mid-gen upgrade just like the ps4 but a much much more powerful upgrade. We all know that Xbox in it's current state is missing exclusive console games but we also know games are coming at somepoint. Any hype for X1X is warranted. The specs are phenomenal and makes ps4 look like a joke (which of course is never talked about) just like playstation exclusives my Xbox look lol a joke. Your little arguments and others aren't proving a thing and not helping the situation your fellow gamers are in. Just hatred and ignorance that's simply unable to see the bigger picture.

itsmebryan116d ago

Lol. If PS4 pro wasn't hyped what was the reason for it? Stop recreating history.

OffRoadKing116d ago

@ Obscure_Observer

And none of those things you listed are good reasons for anyone to pre-order in the first place. But lets be honest that's not why hardcore xbone fanboys are getting it anyway.

LastCenturyRob116d ago

I recall them bringing up 4k more than a few times. Fact is Sony should never have brought out the pro with the user base it already has. There literally was no need for it. they had the more powerful console already. They had nothing to prove. .MS is in a great position because they lost a good chunk of their user base with the poor reveal, weaker console and higher price point with the Xbox one. Not every gamer is loyal to one brand...many go back and forth with the highest specked console for cross plats mostly. MS will get at least some of those gamers back..How many? Time will tell.

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AspiringProGenji116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Maybe, but PS4 Pro at least got a new showcase title like Horizon. And like Fox said, the Pro hasn't been hype like the X has been. The pro was hyped and still is as an upgrade option, while MS has been all out with the X, and I don't blame been after all the bad press they have got with the xbone.

KwietStorm116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

"Anyways, those who wanted an X weren't sold by this show anyways. They were sold long before."

Well that's kind of the issue. There's always going to be the people at the front of the line whenever a new product releases. But they aren't the people you need to worry about convincing, and that hardcore audience comes nowhere close to making up the majority of the audience. And the thing is, even with a "ho-hum" reveal for the Pro, it's not PlayStaiton that has to shoot for the stars. The onus was on Microsoft to make a compelling statement, given their position in the market.

The One X is an amazing piece of tech, and something I'm glad exists, especially because of how I've felt about the console market always having such a slow maturation when compared to PC design. It's exciting seeing the medium move forward. But other than the people who were convinced before it even had a name, has Microsoft give enough reasons to spend another $500, when the software catalog was already in question to begin with? That's the question.

Neonridr116d ago

yep, agree with you there. They could have done a lot better showing of why a person would NEED to get one of these.

UCForce116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

@Obscure_Observer and @Bigpappy Getting cocky, aren't ya ? Here something interesting why Microsoft doesn't want to invest new IP anytime soon. Here the twitter from this guy :

Microsoft is going to be like Valve. Valve used to be great dev who had make many great games in the past, but now Valve completely follow profitable way and won't take a risk to make a new IP or made a sequel that people has demand it for so long. I'm not against that. But this is waste of developers talent.

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Yukes116d ago

I don't get Microsoft at the moment. It feels like it's sliding inexorably towards an abyss with the Xbox brand, what with the dire lack of killer exclusives, and yet it seems content to just grease its buttocks and yell "wheee" in the face of oblivion.

Woolly_116d ago

The actual target audience of the X don't need convincing. They already have the knowledge.

madhouse02116d ago

If you're suggesting the few million hardcore Xbox One fans that will buy the X without question are the only "target audience" Microsoft plans to sell this system to, then you are in la la land my friend. This system is absolutely designed to give the brand a leg up over its competition. You don't go investing millions of dollars into a console as a crowd pleaser to a bunch of fanatics.

Woolly_116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

They expect to sell more Ss than Xs. . I wonder why that is ..

If a few stragglers manage to pick up an X of coarse it's great.. But they aren't the target audience.

for example, the S got a Shadow of War bundle.. FIFA and co' will likely get
S bundles too. .

Obscure_Observer116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


I wouldn´t call "fanatics" those who wants the best versions of third party games on CONSOLES. Xbox One X is a iterative console aimed at hardcore gamers. Phil Spencer said that in several occasions. Microsoft is well aware of the fact that the X is not gonna sell as much as the Xbox One S which costs HALF of the X´s price.

It´s not a question of black or white like some brand loyalist keep trying making people´s mind. Smart console gamers know that in case they have the money, they don´t have to miss on anything. They can have all consoles and enjoy the best of each one has to offer.

Bigpappy116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Woolly and Obscure have laid this out a clearly an honestly as anyone who has been paying attention can. Most people buying the X, are people who understand what the hardware is capable of and what more developers can do with the same games released on other weaker consoles. I am sure some people who own PS4 and pro, will grab an X if only to play Multi-plats at their very best. Gamescom is more for the media and getting them to talk about the X.

leeeroythe3rd116d ago

And yet it has been marketed for 4k tv owners and people willing to pay more. It eventual will be the default x1 ... just like pro will eventually be the base ps4

moegooner88116d ago

You know you hit the nail on the head when Woolly, Obscure and Bp rush for defence.

King_Lothric115d ago

Fanatics that preached :

"Power doesn't matter. We play games and not resolutions"

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denawayne116d ago

@Wooly - I wouldn't even try to defend MS or the Xbox brand around here.Even if what you're saying makes sense, you'll still be criticized and down voted. It's amazing to me how many Sony fanboys care about what MS is doing with the Xbox brand. Sony is clearly winning the console race and is is doing a lot of things right but apparently that's not good enough

CrimzonRazor116d ago

Its because this site allow's itself to be so toxic you cant have a decent discussion about a subject.

TKCMuzzer116d ago

Just maybe some people like myself want a reason to buy an Xbox. Forza Horizon is the only reason for me. It's not wrong to want video games companies to make video games.
The article is about MS attempting to sell the 'X' and wether your a fan or not they have not made a very good job of it, a company should not be relying on its hardcore fanbase all the time. This goes for all companies. I generally believe one of the richest companies in the world should be making a better fist of it.
Sony put the price of Plus up £10 and there were Xbox people all over the articles and lets not forget about the cross play nonsense that's being spouted, so don't play the violin, fanboys are evenly spread.

GrubsterBeater116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


It's more about how Sony fans are calling out MS on their staggering amount of failures, lies, spin, and all around sketchiness because XBox fans are too loyal and fanboyishly delusional to be capable of not only doing it themselves, but also being able to even SEE what's going on...

MS is screwing fans of XBox left and right, and anyone to call out what is so obvious and out in the open is immediately labeled a Sony fanboy who doesn't know what they are talking about.

XBox fans need to learn how to get past their delusional state and hold MS's feet to the fire. At least Sony/Nintendo fans are doing it because God knows XBox camp won't... Not only will the XBox camp not hold MS's feet to the fire, they don't even realize that it's even happening.. XBox fans get ONE exclusive so far the whole year, while fans and even MS themselves ignore the glaring truth and say everything is great and there are so many quality exclusives on Xbox. They also say the have a PS4 that is collecting dust, while they can't stop playing the nonstop flow of XBox games...

XBox camp needs to get it together, or else this is just gonna keep getting worse and worse, because according to you guys, XBox is great, the Games are great, all is well... so in turn, MS says everything is all well and good, enabling the delusions and never trying to fix the issues that everyone else can see...

There's a reason that Sony is destroying MS. You guys make excuses for it such as: "it's because of the bad XBox One reveal!" or "The media and Sony fans spread negativity about the XBox online!!" The real reason is GAMES.. SWEET, JUICY GAMES!! EXCLUSIVE GAMES! With variety and quality sprinkled throughout. That's why Sony is winning, and that's why XBox is losing, and it seems XBox fans either just get it, or they don't want to admit it...

As to why you think anything positive about XBox gets so many downvotes, negative comments, etc... It's because usually they are lies, spin, false information, delusion and bias.. There are ton more Sony fans than XBox fans as well, so it would stand to reason that there would be backlash on comments from XBox fanboys that make ridiculous comments on the internet... it's not rocket science...

denawayne116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

@TKCMuzzer - I'm with you. I'm really never in Sony articles so I don't see the Xbox fanboys spouting off stupid shite. I like coming to N4G because of all the articles from different sites. Then I'll read the comments to get further insight on the articles. It just bugs the crap out of me when an article states something positive and someone says "Cool, can't wait" and it's downvoted heavily just because it's an Xbox article.

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TKCMuzzer116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

So what you're saying is, you don't need convincing as you will blindly buy anything Microsoft and twist anything they do into a positive. To release a mid gen upgrade console in midst of one of the worst exclusive droughts in Xbox history does not show knowledge, it shows ignorance to the issues the brand is having due mainly to it's creators not knowing the direction they are going.
If people like yourself actually put as much effort into condemning Microsoft's poor decision making, lack of investment in software, word play etc then maybe , just maybe they would be releasing a mid gen console with mass game appeal, ' a must have investment'.
Hardcore Xbox people like yourself are not buying an Xbox One X for the games, its to say, "look, my version is better than yours". It's to make yourself feel good in articles and boast about textures etc. They are the same games you can play now on your Xbox One, the games are no different, their no better for higher resolutions or textures.
Five years ago I would have jumped on the 'X', new tech, looks nice etc but Microsoft has singlehandedly strolled through this gen with a 'it's coming' attitude and nothing to show for it. Even their reveal of the 'X' has been lacklustre, after all the boasting etc, it's like they can't even be bothered and are trying to convince themselves.
Their target audience should be gamers in general, not to fleece their loyal followers, you deserve games, investment in studios, a commitment to the brand, a belief in their community and YOU should be shouting at them. But your not, so the trend will continue, premiers of exclusives that will appear on other consoles, more 360 games from the past, more lackluster conferences and so on.
When they are there, then maybe their non target audience like me, might, just might, dip their toe back in the Xbox water.

Just before people get excited, I was not impressed with Sony's PS3 attitude, 'a console for the rich', I had a 360 and loved it but it got less and less support as the PS3 gained traction from Sony investment in games. There just seems no genuine enthusiasm from Microsoft and I just don't get it.

Do you really believe that's how people think, i'm not going to stick £450 down just to play 3rd party games. Why would I have two consoles when I can play them all on one? for better textures? High resolutions?. I'm knowledgeable enough to know I may as well spend a few hundred quid more and get a decent PC to last a few years if that was the case.

denawayne116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

"Hardcore Xbox people like yourself are not buying an Xbox One X for the games, its to say, "look, my version is better than yours"."

I'm definitely going to buy the X for the games. Take a look.

Just because they are not exclusives doesn't mean shite to me. I game on Xbox because that's where I game online with my friends. I don't have the time or money to also own a PS4, . I wish I did but since I don't I have chosen the Xbox platform and I am content with it right now. Do I wish there were more exclusives? Sure, but I can honestly say that if Halo or Forza were to be released on PS, it wouldn't matter to me one bit. I would still enjoy my Xbox with my friends. That's the difference between someone like me and most of the fanboys on this site. They're always getting buttthurt over the littlest things. It's friggin video games people. Go game and have fun.

Woolly_116d ago (Edited 116d ago )


The target audience aren't necessarily 'loyal fans' or 'hardcore Xbox fanboys'. Some people like myself, simply see a product that offers what they like and they buy it. I don't give a sh1t about who's making it.

For me it's not about who's releasing the most exclusives. You find it difficult to comprehend this. I know I can play on any platform and have a good time because they all offer games. I'm not hellbent on one category.

You struggle to understand that some people don't base their decisions on ONE thing. It is the overall package.

Does that mean I think Xbox is flawless? No.

None of the consoles are without flaws.

yeahright2116d ago


The target audience aren't necessarily 'loyal fans' or 'hardcore Xbox fanboys'. Some people like myself, simply see a product that offers what they like and they buy it. I don't give a sh1t about who's making it.

For me it's not about who's releasing the most exclusives. You find it difficult to comprehend this. I know I can play on any platform and have a good time because they all offer games. I'm not hellbent on one category.

You struggle to understand that some people don't base their decisions on ONE thing. It is the overall package.

Does that mean I think Xbox is flawless? No.

None of the consoles are without flaws. "

So besides power, why are you buying the X1X and not sticking with your X1S?

OffRoadKing116d ago

That's true some people will buy anything at any price regardless of rather its really worth it or not.

Cueil116d ago

god forbid you actually say truth on this site.

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