Assassin's Creed Origins XB1X Enhancements - Increased Draw Distance, Faster Transitions & More

Ubisoft provided a thorough description of all the enhancements planned for the Xbox One X version of Assassin's Creed Origins, which will be the best looking on consoles.

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Imp0ssibl328d ago

Cannot wait! The combat and lively world alone will be major improvements

Obscure_Observer28d ago

Yeah. This games looks stunning! Thing is, i really hate Ubisoft´s obsession with all that hud mess on screens with glowing aura surronding characters and objects/enviorements. Too much information.

I understand that they want to make it easier for casual gamers and stuff, but they should add an option to disable those markers like Shadow of Mordor for example. I´m thinking about give this game a go, since it appears it has less of it.

Aceman1828d ago

I'll get to enjoy it on my Pro lol, but for those getting the X it's cool y'all will have some extra improvements.

moldybread28d ago

That's a good attitude and it will look great on the Pro as well.

BrettAwesome27d ago

I'd love for the ps4pro version to use the same settings, even if it means 1440p. If the pro can keep up with the one x, but at 1440p, I'll remain a very happy pro owner <3

KaiPow28d ago

The faster world loading is kind of a big deal for an open world game lol

ccgr28d ago

Nice! Looking forward to it!

ninsigma28d ago

I think draw distance is gonna be the big improvement Scorpio will have over the other consoles.

niko0428d ago

The interview was only comparing it to the original Xbone, not PS4 or PS4 Pro.

ninsigma28d ago

But even looking at the tomb raider comparison to the pro the quality of the far away objects was better on the X than on the pro.

Alexious28d ago

Right, but they also said that it will be the best console version.

Bigpappy28d ago

Correct, the higher native resolution, bandwidth and VRAM, will ensure that the images as a whole are sharper and draw distances farther than PS4 or pro can ever hope to achieve.

MrFisher2128d ago

Lol. I bet the differences will be small. Only large difference will be between the Xbox consoles. I think Horizon Dawn on the Pro looks better than this on the X. I have not seen a game on the X that comes close yet. What's up with that?

LP-Eleven28d ago

Do you mean the video or screenshots for Tomb Raider?

ninsigma28d ago

Well the screenshots are from the video so both I guess.

LP-Eleven28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The Pro isn't running in 4K in the vid. So that's a useless reference. The screenshots display a better look at the situation. It was fairly close, but the Xbox One X version still took it.

ninsigma27d ago

I know that but if it was in 4k the effects would have been lowered on the pro.

LP-Eleven27d ago

Like I said, @ 4K, the difference wouldn't be as big, but the X version would still take it. I'm just saying the video is pointless to use for any kind of realistic comparison.

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InTheZoneAC28d ago

Does it support hdr? Hdr is a big deal when you know the difference between that and no hdr.

thekhurg28d ago

Yes and HDR is not some gigantic improvement. It's subtle, even says so in the article.

Alexious28d ago

It really depends a lot on your TV.

MrFisher2128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lmao. Depends on the tv. But HDR makes a huge difference. Smh. We now all know you have a lower class model. That is apparent.

lxeasy28d ago

I know that Tomb Raider for the X will have HDR

BrettAwesome27d ago

Well then so will all the other versions :)

Sonic_Vs_Mario28d ago

If you read the article it supports HDR

InTheZoneAC28d ago

sorry, had no need to click on it as HDR is irrelevant when it comes to "advantages of xb1x", it should be standard for all current gen systems.

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