Never Finishing Uncharted 4 & “The Big Game Fear”

Sean @ FG: So, here’s the thing. I'm afraid to finish Uncharted 4 and I want to tell you why.

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InTheZoneAC29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I've completed every UC minus the vita version 3 times each, but have yet to play the story in UC4. One reason being is that I don't want it to end. But since I downloaded Lost Legacy last night I may give it a go now.

awdevoftw29d ago

Don't want to read the reason, but it's such a stupid title I had to comment.

Trilithon29d ago

you sound like an emotional wreck with attachment issues all coupled with a deeply routed anxiety. play the game as it was designed to be played and move on. you will always have your memories. maybe not

houyi11129d ago

Love it too much and don't want it end?! I am too old for this shit....